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America aids victims

By Denebola
Published: February 2011

By Nate Randall,
Volume 41
October 26, 2001

Since the tragic events on September 11, people in our community, as well as people in most communities around the country, have been making valiant efforts to help people whom the terrorist attacks greatly affected. Walking around the city one can find lemonade stands, garage sales, yard sales, car washes, and many other fund-raisers, all of which benefit institutions such as the American Red Cross.
It is amazing to see a five-year-old devoting time to the lemonade stand when they could be participating in the endless list of activities that a five year old normally does. Even at South, people are making their best effort to help. There are Turnaround bake sales every Friday and information about blood drives posted on doors and bulletin boards. While our community may not be able to stop terrorism, we are doing everything in our capability to help the people who need assistance the most.

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