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Affirmative Action: thoughts

By Denebola
Published: February 2011

Volume 35
June 8, 1995

“Affirmative action opens the door to get people in. The diversity piece—how people interact, the environment—overlays on top of the affirmative action piece… you won’t succeed at one without doing the other.”
- Digital Equipment Corporation Diversity Merger

“‘Reverse racism’ is a cogent description of affirmative action only if one considers the cancer of racism to be morally and medically indistinguishable from the [chemotherapy] we apply to it.”
- Stanley Fish, Atlantic Monthly

“We must not approach the enforcement of this law in a vengeful spirit. Its purpose is not to punish. Its purpose is to promote a more abiding commitment to freedom, a more constant pursuit of justice, and a deeper respect for human dignity.”
- Lyndon B. Johnson, former president

“I never liked the idea of lowering standards for anyone. That won’t help black students, to let them in and let them fail. What we need to do is improve the inner city schools from which these kids come so they won’t be disadvantaged and so they won’t score lower on tests.”
- Keeana Saxon, senior

“To say that the Newton schools are ‘committed to affirmative action’ is an ignorant statement. We should have been working on this for thirty years, and the numbers speak for themselves.”
- Louis McDavid, junior

“You should get into school based on how you do, not because of your race. We’ve got to leave past discrimination in the past.”
- Jamel Green, senior

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