50th Edition, Lifestyle

A nondrinker’s view

By Denebola
Published: February 2011

Volume 38
December 23, 1998

It is a well-known fact that teenagers drink and smoke. As much as teenagers and adults like to think that it is only the “bad” kids who drink and smoke, most of us at Newton South are aware that the majority of us, by our junior years, have, if not gotten smashed at some party, at least become a little tipsy off champagne at a holiday celebration.
I, on the other hand, do not fall into the norm. Not only have I never gotten drunk, but I have also never had even a sip of alcohol (besides a little at a Passover Seder or two). I’ve also never smoked anything. And the thing is, it’s not that I’m not exposed to drugs and alcohol—my best friends get drunk all the time and I’ve made appearances at numerous parties.
There have been plenty of people who totally questioned my decision not to drink or do drugs. One guy told me that I shouldn’t be against something until I’ve tried it. That’s a valid point, but a lot of my decision is based on the fact that I just don’t feel like it.
Also, there have been times when, if I hadn’t been there, my drunk friends would have been left without out a safe way of getting home. I would rather sacrifice a decent experience getting drunk or stoned than let the people most important to me be in a dangerous or even life-threatening situation.
Maybe I’m scared of how I’ll feel or what I’ll do. Maybe I’m afraid of getting in trouble. Maybe I want to stay healthy and safe.
Maybe in a world where it seems like a lot of what happens is beyond my control, this is the one thing I can control.
But whatever my reasoning is, this is the way I’m choosing to live my life, and I think that it’s important to understand that there are people going to Newton South who are not naïve but also don’t want to drink or smoke.

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