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50th Anniversary Edition – Why and How

By Denebola
Published: February 2011

Fiftieth Anniversaries only come once. That’s why Denebola could not – and would not – miss the opportunity to celebrate Newton South’s, as well as its own.
This paper – the 50th Anniversary Edition of Denebola – exemplifies the range of accomplishments that South is known for.
The 50th Edition surveys the five decades of our school’s existence; it identifies the trends, commonalities, and evolution of South as both an academic institution and a culturally, artistically and athletically rich community. And it serves to, in the way of the Mission Statement, encourage communication and personal connections amongst not only current students, but also across generations—as our ever-expanding Alumni base demonstrates.
Reading this issue, it is useful to understand the three types of content presented: archival content from five decades of Denebola, new content created by current students, and new content contributed by alumni. The combination of these categories results in a 64-page representation of our school community and its history that, admittedly and of necessity, leaves much out.
So in no way is this issue a comprehensive or complete history of Newton South. Rather, it is a starting point where we can begin to understand more about our school and those who were part of it. Selection and presentation of printed content was no simple task, but our goal was to provide a worthwhile tool for engaging in investigation and discussion of one of the arguably most “educationally aware” communities in America. In light of this, additional 50th-related content will be posted continuously on our website in Denebola’s 50th Web Exclusive section – www.denebolaonline.net – in an effort to broaden our discussion and deepen our understanding of what has made Newton South what it was and is.
Please take a moment to read the introductions to each section. We begin in News with a decades-based timeline of the major events affecting South over the last half century.

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