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18 months of labor pay off: Newton South born

By Denebola
Published: February 2011

The Newtonite, Sept. 1960
The administration and the faculty of Newton South High School took a deep breath and opened the doors of a barely finished school on September 13.
“If this teacher puts us in alphabetical order, I’ll die,” commented one of the sophomores, first entrants into the new school. These new high schoolers were more concerned with the size and complexities of high school than they were with the newness of the building.
A large group of students was held up in one section of the building while a new pupil stood at the intersection of two corridors tossing a coin. “Heads I go right,” he said, “tails, left.”
The hurricane had not only damaged one gym floor, but had also succeeded in damaging the carefully worked out schedule. Wednesday was really not Wednesday at all but Tuesday, and there was no Thursday in the entire week. It was really not so confusing once your homeroom teacher had explained it several dozen times.
“We will not go by Eastern Daylight Savings Time today,” boomed the loudspeaker into every room. “The hurricane has set the clocks all back; there-fore it is now 8:35 instead of 9:05 and school will end at 11:35 Newton South High School time, approximately twelve o’clock Eastern Daylight time.”
On Thursday, which was really Wednesday, the full load of students groped their way through the seven buildings of Newton South. Guides stationed at all vulnerable points throughout the school, did not have a moment’s rest.
“Could you please tell me where building Five is?”
“Turn right at the next corridor, go straight through the library, and take a right. If the workmen won’t let you through, take the second door on the right, go outside, and bear right. If you give up, stand somewhere and holler ‘Help, I’m lost.’ Someone will rescue you.”
The juniors and seniors, used to standing in Elm Road and viewing the entire high school, took it hard when they discovered that the South High’s seven buildings can only be seen as a whole from the roof. Though every student was issued two maps, it only took first period to demonstrate how easily one can get tangled in the maze of buildings.
“Come on Charlie,” yelled a boy who late for class, “I think we can get to the gym this time. I just got complete instructions.” Little did he know hat the gym won’t be completely there for another month.
All was comparison to the juniors and seniors of Newton South the first few days.
“The lunchroom is better than the old school’s. The lunch lines are worse. The classrooms are more modern. Passing between classes is just as slow.” But some of the novelty wore off suddenly when the students discovered that homework and calsswork had not been modernly done away with.

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