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December 2010 Issue

A Word on Leaks

By Jeff Hurray and Adam Sachs | Published: December 2010
With all of the recent controversy surrounding WikiLeaks, it may strike some as ironic that we have a leak of our own. No, we're not talking about the leaks discussed on South Park ( COMING OUT OF MY !!!). Rather, one involving the recent discovery of a diary belonging one of South's own administrators. Our findings were indeed “leaks, although a bit more hygienic than those previously ...

Caffeine Compulsion

By Kirby Howell and David Melly | Published: December 2010
You know you are addicted when you have perfected the art of getting to and from Starbucks during one homeroom period, you have gone to Dunkin' Donuts twice in one long block, or Danielle from Coffee Corner knows your order and your name. Our friendship is largely based on and supported by our mutual need for caffeine. We have spent many a morning downing endless refills of Baker's Best coffee and ...

The Tyranny of Technology

By Leigh Alon | Published: December 2010
As I look down at my neurobiology notes about Attention Deficit Disorder medication, it is ironic that my own brain cannot focus on the task at hand. Every few seconds my computer emits the popping noise with which every teenager is undoubtedly familiar, and a red icon appears alerting me I have received a new Facebook chat. It should be easy enough to close the computer or ignore the new ...

Why We’re Addicts

By Brittany Bishop and Amanda Sands | Published: December 2010
Almost everyone has a compulsion. Whether it's obsessive cleaning, nail-biting, or even chewing gum, compulsions are a natural aspect of human life. While many urges result from harmful and chemically addicting drugs, an ever-growing epidemic of psychophysical '€and sometimes unnoticeable'€compulsive disorders exist in everyday life. While observing a compulsion, one must look at both the emotional connection to the act and any sections of the brain that are unusually abnormal ...

Tartan times for trendy types

By Helen Holmes | Published: December 2010
Last week, I was struck with a bolt of inspiration that only an extra-adorable outfit can inspire. Devoid, as I was, of any clean pants or a t-shirt, I decided to be literal to the point of excess and dress like a schoolgirl. This look required a button-down shirt fastened all the way to the collar (check), an old reject tie from my dad's closet (check), a kilt I found ...

Latin students raise their voices for the holidays

By James Palmer | Published: December 2010
Only one word could describe the Latin trip to the 63rd annual Brown University Latin Carol celebration: divine.  On December 6, 28 Latin scholars (both current and past students) set out from South at 6:30 PM for the First Baptist Church in Providence, Rhode Island, en route to a night of jubilant celebration of the holiday season and of the simple joy of the Classics. Accompanied by our faithful magistra Alice ...

Art Focus: Gabe Goodman

By Leigh Alon | Published: December 2010
When senior Gabe Goodman was a little boy, he used to bang and scream for his dad to play guitar for him. At the age of four, his family got him a guitar of his own to “shut up permanently. It worked. “I do music because I love it. It doesn't really have any of the dreary connotations that the word 'Ëœcommitment' may contain, Goodman said. From his debut ...

Freshmen join Varsity squads, prove their skill

By Josh Carney | Published: December 2010
On the court, freshman Phil Levine-Caleb's six-foot-three, 174-pound frame indicates much more than his 15-year-old age. Levine-Caleb is South's most recent freshman success story, recording a game-high 15 points and eight rebounds against Wayland last week. Levine-Caleb is not the only freshman to find success donning Varsity blue and orange; in fact, many young athletes have reaped rookie rewards on the fields, rinks, and courts. Deciding which freshmen are ready to ...

Green cards late, athletes suffer

By Robert Wang | Published: December 2010
During this winter season, the number of green cards turned in by athletes decreased dramatically from past seasons. According to Athletic Director Scott Perrin, 55 percent of the green cards and physicals were turned in on time compared to the 70-75 percent that are usually turned in by the deadline. “Kids are very eager to start up and run captains' practices, to lift weights, and get the team together, but that detail ...

Boys’ Gymnastics team gains members, spirit

By Zach Pawa | Published: December 2010
For years a one-man team, the Newton South Boys' Gymnastics team has added seven new members to its program. The flipping, spinning, and soaring attracted students of all grades to join this seemingly impossible sport this season. Last year, the team only had one member; however, this year the team's roster ballooned to eight athletes. “It was a one-man team. I was obligated to keep it alive, senior and Captain Carlos ...

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