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By Shervin Rezaei
Published: December 2010

Hey ya’ll. I’m back.
I don’t know about the rest of you students and faculty, but all of the stress of school makes me want to take a vacation soon, or even better, now.
Thankfully, it’s arriving faster than I thought it would, but unfortunately, I’ve forgotten to make plans!
I need to move somewhere for vacation too, some sort of fantastical land of escape or relaxation or culture.
Fortunately, though, I’ve dug up some nice vacation spots that should not only please your wallet, but also your imagination and wildest fantasies.
Cambodia. You may not necessarily associate it with luxurious relaxation, but the tourism industry has been rising since last year, and the time to go is now before airfare and hotel prices rise too high.
The Law of Tourism passed last year, so the country has been consistently making efforts to improve their providing of a complete vacation experience.
Hotels are cheap too, with prices ranging from $40-60 a night, right in the middle of Phnom Penh.
I mean, I know Cambodia has a really dark past, with the whole genocide thing, but that might even be more the reason to go.
The Khmer Rouge genocide killing fields have become open for tourist visits, starting last year. Fascinating!
Hungary. Unlike its European companions, Hungary is still in a desperate struggle to pull out of last year’s recession.
The US dollar is worth a bit more than 200 Hungarian Forints, and flights there range from only around $500- 600. But what else is in Hungary besides the historic Budapest?
Why’s it worth a visit? There are more spas and Turkish bathhouses than you can handle in Hungary, particularly in Budapest.
And with the economic climate as it is now, go and splurge. Don’t return until you look like a prune, a squeaky clean prune.
And finally, for any of you faculty out there looking for the more sophisticated expedition, I suggest Napa Valley, California. The Chardonnay Lodge and several other hotels in the valley have rooms for less than $100 dollars a night.
Plus, you don’t need to stay at the pricey Marriotts in the region to get a taste of world-renown wine; all you need is a Twitter account.
The Marriott posts free wine testings and art exhibition locations on their Twitter account. The whole valley area is also perfectly picturesque, ideal for intimate walks at dawn with that special someone.
Or contemplative walks at dawn with your thoughts about a special someone. Or just a lonely walk.
Sadly, I realize this is all probably of no use to you, since you all have plans, and I am the lonesome one. But February break is just around the corner, so start booking flights.
Also, I’m not writing about traveling because I do it so often, but because I fantasize about it often.
So please, the sedentary vacationers out there shouldn’t take offense to this article. I feel your pain, guys.

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