Green cards late, athletes suffer

By Robert Wang
Published: December 2010

During this winter season, the number of green cards turned in by athletes decreased dramatically from past seasons.
According to Athletic Director Scott Perrin, 55 percent of the green cards and physicals were turned in on time compared to the 70-75 percent that are usually turned in by the deadline.
“Kids are very eager to start up and run captains’ practices, to lift weights, and get the team together, but that detail is the one missing element, and that’s a huge detail because it’s a liability for the city, Perrin said.
The main problem with the lack of responsibility in athletes is that some of the offenders are veteran players, who know how the system works, unlike freshmen.
According to Perrin, a captain of a team previously turned in his green card late, and when asked why, he replied, “I’m a captain, it doesn’t matter. I’m not going to not make the team.
Similarly, when most athletes were asked whether green cards were important to them, the majority replied that they did not believe in the importance of bringing the cards on time since most athletes do not change their contact information every season. Perrin acknowledges this, but maintains that turning in paperwork is still a “strong detail oriented thing and “teams that take care [of it] are teams that are successful.
“It’s important to enforce it if it’s your first year on the team, but after that your coaches generally know you and the school and your teammates know who to call in an emergency, junior and Varsity gymnast Annapurna Ravel said.
Some athletes turn in the paperwork on time, but incorrectly, which is equally as detrimental. In two instances, the physicals necessary for the green cards were forged: in one case by a parent, and in the other case by both a parent and a student. “It caught us a little bit off guard, said Perrin.
The Athletics Department makes sure to remind people ahead of time by posting signs all over the school about a month in advance of the due date. In addition to posting notices, coaches talk about the necessary paperwork in their preseason meetings with the athletes.
According to Perrin, there seems to be no specific reason for why the number of punctual green cards this year was different, but Perrin will enforce the process if it continues to occur.
In cases, like Freshman Basketball, a highly competitive team, the number of people eligible for tryouts went down from 40 to 30, simply because ten people did not turn in their information on time. This brings down the quality of the team, since certain athletes may not even be eligible to compete.
Many athletes overlook the importance of the green card, but it is a vital detail necessary to compete in sports and necessary for the school and city as well.

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