Caffeine Compulsion

By Kirby Howell and David Melly
Published: December 2010

You know you are addicted when you have perfected the art of getting to and from Starbucks during one homeroom period, you have gone to Dunkin’ Donuts twice in one long block, or Danielle from Coffee Corner knows your order and your name.
Our friendship is largely based on and supported by our mutual need for caffeine.
We have spent many a morning downing endless refills of Baker’s Best coffee and euphemistically calling it “brunch.
A good measure of how well we are currently getting along is how frequently one of us brings the other coffee from a free block jaunt.
We moved from “just friends to “best friends once we had completely memorized each other’s elaborate and convoluted coffee requests.
A coffee cup becomes just as much a part of every outfit as a pair of matching shoes.
Soon, your friends start to ask if you are okay when they see you in the hallway empty-handed.
If you are not one to put much effort into your outfits, however, a coffee cup becomes part of your outfit literally through the stains it leaves.
Often times, especially as senior slump approaches, the phrase and accompanying attitude of “I’ll just get some coffee during my free block becomes an unfortunate substitute for studying. That way, at least you are awake enough to realize how unprepared you truly are.
(And asking someone out by writing on his or her latte is not only romantic but also quite effective. Too soon?)
Now, our shared addiction has its drawbacks. If you have ever seen either of us without coffee for more than three hours, you know your best option is to run away.
Until you have personally suffered the splitting headache that is the primary symptom of caffeine-withdrawal, you cannot begin to comprehend our pain.
Kirby has been known to bite freshmans’ heads off when deprived of her daily cup, and God help the poor Cross Country team the day that David does not get his fix.
We really should tell you not to get caught in the vicious cycle.
Caffeine is not a substitute for proper sleep habits.
But who are we kidding? Coffee is great and keeps you awake and happy.
And, of course, you have something to look forward to in the dreaded months of winter, because that’s when Starbucks changes to holiday cups.

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