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Art Focus: Gabe Goodman

By Leigh Alon
Published: December 2010

When senior Gabe Goodman was a little boy, he used to bang and scream for his dad to play guitar for him.
At the age of four, his family got him a guitar of his own to “shut [him] up permanently. It worked.
“I do music because I love it. It doesn’t really have any of the dreary connotations that the word ‘Ëœcommitment’ may contain, Goodman said.
From his debut album Conundrummer to his live performances with fellow band-mates – senior Pat Walsh, and 2010 South graduates Will Radin and Cas Kaplan. Goodman’s music has always been a hit in the South community.
This past summer, Goodman wrote a lot of music, although he admits he is “constantly writing and messing around.
He draws his inspiration from a diverse array from artists, including the Dirty Projectors, Flying Lotus, The Pixies, Bon Iver, Kanye West, Grizzly Bear, and Tokyo Police Club, as well as his friends, many of which also create their own music.
At the moment, Goodman is busy starting a new band called Team Time with juniors Aaron Wolff and Aaron Davidoff, along with Radin.
The group will perform many of the songs he wrote the past six months.
Zebradome is the other band Goodman is involved in, with Walsh and senior Zachary Levine-Caleb, as well as Radin. The group is also in its infancy.
While Goodman believes Team Time to be more of a rock band, he describes Zebradome as “a bit more experimental-pop.
As for his future plans, Goodman is attending the University of Vermont next year.
While the quality of the music program did not factor into his college decision, he wanted “to be in a place where there was a lot going on in the music scene, and Burlington, Vermont is definitely a pretty lively music area.
Though Goodman certainly plans to continue playing music for the rest of his life, he admits to the industry’s competitiveness.
“If it becomes a career that’s incredible, he said, “But I’m realistic about it.

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