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What does Thanksgiving mean to you? Uniting with friends and family

By Lena Warnke
Published: November 2010

The one and only thing I associated with Thanksgiving before coming to the United States from Germany and England was Black Friday.
Although I’d heard of the infamous ‘Ëœturkey day,’ I had no idea why it was celebrated. All I knew was that it somehow involved absurd discounts that people all the way from Europe flew to the US in order to shop.
After moving to the states, I quickly learned more about Thanksgiving.
As my first November here came and passed, people began getting excited for Thanksgiving and I began to understand what it was really all about.
Thanksgiving is not the shopping or the amazing sales, but rather spending time with family and friends, being grateful for what we have, and last (but most definitely not least), eating good food.
Although my family doesn’t traditionally celebrate Thanksgiving, we still partake in festivities every year. Last Thanksgiving, our neighbor hosted a gigantic feast and invited those in my neighborhood that didn’t have a place to go on the big day. We all came together as a unified group to share memories and happiness as we ate some truly amazing food, epitomizing the idea of the holiday.
Thinking back on last year’s celebration, I now know what Thanksgiving is really about, and I love it, especially because there’s nothing quite like it anywhere else in the world.

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