What does Thanksgiving mean to you? Feasting on the perfect mixture of traditional dishes

By Sammie Levin
Published: November 2010

The main reason why I love the American nation is because of the blessed Thanksgiving vacation.
Not because it is a break from our grueling education, but simply for the feast that comes at its initiation.
I wait 364 days in undying anticipation for that one single meal, an unparalleled creation.
You may think that this is a dramatization, but I promise it is no falsification.
In order to bring you to the realization that nothing I’m saying is an exaggeration, I am willing to give a detailed explanation of each wondrous dish that provides such elation.
Well, first off, the turkey, considered the foundation, is best when served in a heaping donation, rather than a measly ration with a strict limitation for which I would undoubtedly feel a great perturbation.
The stuffing inside is more than a decoration, more than a superficial display of ostentation.
It is a savory medley, a masterful combination of delicious ingredients that require little refrigeration; therefore, it is worthy of the utmost admiration.
But, there is another side dish deserving such laudation. It causes an inundation of grand jubilation within the spectators watching its preparation.
The mashed potatoes, of course, are the subjects of fascination because the creamy dish is the perfect compilation of potatoes, butter, milk, salt, and temptation.
The cranberry sauce complements it all, a tangy sensation, and the pie brings the meal to a sweet finalization.
As my family sits round the table in unification, I stare at the meal, such a glorious presentation.
My stomach pangs in anxious starvation, while my excitement grows with each palpitation.
And though I remind myself to eat in moderation, I end up consuming it all in one eager inhalation.
I later regret it after the instant gratification and I am overwhelmed with devastation for the meal has caused me apparent impregnation’€yet, even that does not take away from my infatuation.
So here’s to the people of Plymouth Plantation. I am forever thankful that they started this tradition of joyous celebration.
I will now conclude my ode with one simple summarization: I really like Thanksgiving.

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