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By Denebola
Published: November 2010

Dear Kevin James,
 If there were one thing you would like to let the world know about YOUR high school experience, what would it be?
To find our more about K. James’s response and other marine wildlife, visit us on the web at http://www.milkofmagnesia.gov/
Now back to “Are you more buoyant than a 5th grader?
After waiting hours and hours and days and days, King James’ agent (Nathaniel Baldwin) emailed us KJnutt’s response¦ he said this.
(Rough translation)
 Dear Marf,
 “No, I didn’t go to high school; I don’t care for brains and books!
If I did, I could only imagine¦(Page missing)
We interrupt this program to bring you a small dog’s parenthetical citation of Lee Harvey Oswald’s last words (There is more than one way to skin a cat. But there’s no way to explain all those skinless cats in your basement. I’m a demon.) –Latoya Jackson R.I.P.
In other words: Hey! Pumbaa! Not in front of the kids!
Weeknights on CNBC
I think the voice-acting cast of Ahhhhh! Real Food in the Hallway said it best in that episode where they get stuck in the parking lot and say “We love wart hogs and Hogwarts, long walks on the beach, and wizard chess, so when applying to small liberal dark arts colleges, get Sirius.
This draws attention to the dichotomy between kids who hang out in the dark artsy hallway, and what we like to call: “The Darkest Men in Hollywood. And by this we do not mean Sinbad Snipes, or even Severus Snape, but the man who just can’t sit down: David Bill, sorry, Bill Cosby.
“But why?- The Ring 2
I’ll tell you why, because underneath all that family fun humor is a dark twisted dark underbelly of horror.
“And, How?!- The Federalist Party. This party is dead.
In his sweaters: That’s right, deep down in my sweater, breath, stretch, sweater, we are not the same, I am a sweater, I’m addicted to this sweater, boy, I got so many sweaters, the pursweater of happiness, I guess I got my sweater back.
And for those of you interested in pursuing a career in the sciences: stem cell research has now been brought to a place where we can create genetically modified movies by taking stem cells from motion pictures and inserting them into other movies to create hybrid films, such as StemBridge to Terabithia.
And if there’s one piece of advice we find of penultimate evidence to the bit about Bill Crosby, it is DON’T EAT IN THE HALLWAYS. We’ve had issues with rats and we don’t want to have the health officials come and shut down the school. I don’t care if your friends do it; kindly ask them to stop.
You may eat in the student center, the senior commons, or a classroom where the teachers allow it, but the hallways are off limits.
It’s an issue of your own safety.
-“Noam Chomsky (More like “no more chomping down on that Uburger in the hallways) Am I right ladies? Gender is a social construct.

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