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The confidence to be caprecious

Posted By Helen Holmes On November 2, 2010 @ 4:15 am In Arts and Entertainment | Comments Disabled

Greetings, Newton South! In case you were wondering, this is the first of (hopefully) many columns I will be writing on the illustrious and distinctive topic of fashion.
Let me just say to those who are reading: I love clothes. I love wearing them and talking about them and now I get to write about them!
Perhaps you’ve seen me roaming the halls – I’m the one with the red hair and the often ridiculous outfits.
Generally I am impressed by the level of individuality that presents itself in my hometown, but it has come to my attention that Newton South has become something of a cesspool of yoga pants (best left to Centered Self) Uggs (come on, you guys should know better by now) and bandage skirts (appropriate only if one is being a mummy for Halloween.)
Anyway, since this is my first correspondence directed towards the general public, I want to share my five rules for personal style. I’m your friendly neighborhood Spiderwoman in heels and a poncho. 
5. All the World’s a Stage
Playing characters is one of my favorite things to do when getting dressed. The experience reminds me of pawing through my dress-up box when I seven, searching for my Statue of Liberty headdress!
If one morning you wake up with du-wop tunes in your head and a sudden craving for polka dots, a cute swingy dress and some winged eyeliner goes a long way!
4. Strut Like You Mean It
This is advice to be taken with caution. If you stomp around like you’re Gisele Bundchen, people will take you for a poser and won’t invite you to social events.
When you’ve picked out an adorable outfit, the trick is to remain humble. Accept compliments with grace, smile at others in the hallway, and for goodness sake keep your back straight!
Good posture is half the battle, and if you slouch down the hallway like you’ve been caught eating in the lobby, no one will buy it.
3. Penny Pinch
Many of you, like me, are limited to only a certain amount of cash with which to support your shopping habit.
From personal experience, I can tell you that it is NOT a good idea to go to the mall armed only with your cash card or something similar – plastic gives the illusion that you have infinite amounts of money to spend, when really you’re living month to month on an allowance and a babysitter’s budget.
Always purchase items with cash, so you know exactly how much you’re spending and therefore when to stop! If you (also like me) have a sweet tooth for designer items but unhelpfully thrifty parents, Target is your best friend. Famous designers are always making lines for the store – my favorite dress is from Zac Posen for Target (Another helpful tidbit: Lanvin’s line for H&M. Cute and affordable.)
2. Rock Your Body
Everyone’s body is different in an awesome and unique way, meaning everybody has the chance to look incredible while still staying loyal to their own best features.
Perhaps you’re tall: you can get away with wacky prints and trendy ripped jeans, because the details won’t overwhelm you. If you’re on the petite side, heels are acceptable and belts are a great way to show off that cute little waist of yours!
There are options for everyone, no matter your body type! What looks good on anyone, you ask? You can’t go wrong with dark, slim-cut jeans, a black dress, or the perfect shade of red lipstick.
The reason that I love fashion is not because I like to show off, or because there’s someone I’m trying to impress: I genuinely love the feeling of trying something on and knowing that even if I look wacky, overly colorful, or even a little insane, I will always look exactly like me.
When I was in middle school, I was terrified of myself and of the creative bursts that made me leave the house in an army hat and an orange embroidered dress. By seventh grade, all I wanted was a pair of So-Low pants and a chance to blend into the background. By dulling myself down, I figured I’d make more friends and not be labeled as a freak. Turns out this had the opposite effect: people could sense my insecurity and avoided me like the plague. Fashion, to me, is the purest, most direct form of complete creative liberation – you can wear your heart on your sleeve, and send the world a message without saying a thing. The point is that to be truly a master of fashion, one must be completely aware of themselves, and most importantly, never, ever chicken out. You can pull off anything if you have confidence in yourself.

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