Stalking leads student to glow with GloZell

By Jenny Gerstner
Published: November 2010

Sophomore Annie O’Brien will always remember October 23 as the day that she met one of her biggest role models. Rather than an athlete, politician, or celebrity, though, O’Brien waited anxiously to meet GloZell, the YouTube sensation made famous by her video entitled, “My Push-Up Bra Will Help Me Get My Man. The video, a minor Internet sensation which has received over 7.5 million views on YouTube, features GloZell as she drives across town and laments the loss of her ex-boyfriend into a video camera.  Along the way, she outlandishly describes the ways in which she has tried to win him back, including wearing a push-up bra and dying her hair with Kool-aid.  
O’Brien says she first viewed the video two years ago, when a friend shared a line from the video on Facebook. Since then, she has become a huge fan, both adding GloZell as a friend on Facebook and following her on Twitter.
It was through GloZell’s Twitter page that O’Brien discovered she would be at Faneuil Hall in Boston; she immediately decided to try to meet her.
“I went with a few friends, and we just wandered around until we saw her, O’Brien said. “Then I went up to her and introduced myself, and she said that she knew who I was because I ‘Ëœstalk’ her on her Facebook and stuff.
After that, they “just talked about life in general. Sophmore Sophie Foreman, who has always known of her friend’s admiration of GloZell, agreed to accompany O’Brien to see her. She says that the experience was “amazing.
“Annie was literally hyperventilating before we went up to talk to her, Foreman said. “I have never seen Annie that nervous before¦even when [the two of them] started talking she was almost speechless, and that never happens with Annie.
A video of the encounter, titled “old stalker, was posted on YouTube and Facebook. At the beginning of the video, after questioning “is it on now? GloZell yells into the camera, “hello this is Glozell. I’m with my girl Annie right here. She’s my number one stalker.
She then starts to imitate O’Brien’s hyperactive Facebook behavior, pretending to urgently type on an invisible keyboard as she yells, “’HELLO, this is Annie. Say something back to me.’ Over and over and over. O’Brien then professes, “I love this woman. I’m obsessed. I’m so happy to be here. The video concludes with both O’Brien and GloZell flashing peace signs at the camera while shouting “peace and blessings, one of GloZell’s catch phrases. 
Despite both girls’ excitement at the meeting, O’Brien said that most of the onlookers did not seem to recognize GloZell. “There are a few people who think [she] is funny, but not a lot of people know who she is, she said.
O’Brien herself is among those who are drawn to GloZell because of her humor. “GloZell isn’t afraid to look ridiculous in order to make you laugh. She’s so comfortable in her own skin, she said. 
GloZell’s lack of inhibitions in her videos is also a source of inspiration for O’Brien. “[She] is a role model to me, O’Brien said. “She is who she is, and she is not afraid to show the world.
Foreman agrees. “GloZell teaches people not to be ashamed of, or hide their personalities. That’s why she’s great.
For O’Brien, the experience of meeting her role model was definitely inspiring, regardless of the brevity of the encounter. “I got to connect with GloZell. I would definitely consider myself her biggest fan.

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