“Haz you seen my binz?”

By Astha Agarwal
Published: November 2010

Orders for seven double-tandem recycling and trash dollies for South, and eight for the city, were accidentally shipped to another company in New Mexico at the end of October.
These dollies, which are “part of the recycling initiative for South, according to South Recycling Coordinator Sally Rosen, will be “used for custodial staff to wheel around from room to room to collect recycling and trash.
A new recycling program at South is aimed to encourage both students and faculty to pay attention to what they are recycling, and to make sure that they are not using the recycling bins as trash cans.
But in order to improve recycling, the South community would need to be informed about which materials are recyclable and which are not. An environmental club, led by Rosen, is trying to do this.
To start with, the custodial staff has begun classroom recycling with the tandem dollies, which arrived at South a few weeks ago.
When the dollies failed to arrive on time, “I checked the tracking order, and thought, ‘ËœWhy are they in New Mexico?’ Rosen said. “But then I didn’t ask any more questions because they just shipped them back here.
Although this error did not make any financial difference for South, it delayed the recycling initiative by a week.

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