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Freshmen begin their Southstage careers with Organized Chaos

Posted By Madeline Frieze On November 2, 2010 @ 4:35 am In Arts and Entertainment | Comments Disabled

This year’s freshman play, Organized Chaos put on by guest director Courtney Wrenn, consisted of nine 10-minute plays. The show, produced by Jeff Knoedler, took place in South’s black box theatre on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday night.
Organized Chaos made for a great bonding experience.  Indeed, many of the 21 freshmen forged strong relationships with one another.      
“It was a great opportunity to make new friends and get to know people better, freshman Ian Greer, who played the role of “Him, said.  “The rehearsals were fun and I had an amazing time. 
Freshman Nicole Wantman agrees, feeling that she benefited from meeting new students in the cast. “Everyone is so nice and has the same interests as me, Wantman said. “It really helps to get to know these people coming in as a freshman.
The freshman play is not only an experience for freshmen, however. Sophomores Gil Blume and Harley Greene were assistant directors and seniors Lydia Ames and Rebecca Penzias were responsible for costume design. In the scene, “The Role of Della, Blume even stepped in for freshman Sophie Cash, who had fallen ill on Friday.
The play opened with a scene called “Remind Me Again, in which a man, played by freshman Khashayar Dashti, tries to kiss Miranda, played by freshman Maddy Meyer. While Miranda is upset by the attempted kiss, her co-workers, played by cast mates freshmen Steph Seiden and Stephanie Foster, tell her to take it as a compliment.   
The play then continues with scenes “The DMV One, “Laying the Smackdown in Cambridge, and “Words, Words, Words.
In the scene, “Words, Words, Words, three chimps, locked in a cage with just typewriters, bananas and a tire swing, are forced to re-create “Hamlet. 
As one might imagine, these monkeys have no idea what “Hamlet is. When the chimps do something right, they are rewarded with a pack of cigarettes.
The imaginative situation made for a very entertaining experience.
The play continues with scenes “Heads, “Nightswim, “The Role of Della, “She’s Fabulous, and “Cecilia.
Considering Organized Chaos was the cast’s first play at South, students agreed that show went well. “Of course there were a few things that could’ve happened a little bit better, but that goes for any show, Wantman said.
Freshman Emma Sander feels that the play was an integral part of her feeling like she belongs at South her first year here. “Working with everyone else was just a blast. A family has formed from a group of freshman, a director, techies, costumers, and our assistant directors. I felt welcomed into South because I could participate in the play, she said.
In addition to forming new friendships within the cast, many students developed an appreciation for director Wrenn. “Courtney Wrenn was on top of her game at all times, Wantman said. “She was fun and easy to work with¦ She was so good at relating to her students.
“I think it went really well, Greer said. “It was a great introduction to South Stage and the experience was great.
Many freshmen from the cast of Organized Chaos plan to continue acting for South Stage and are excited to participate in upcoming shows. “It was an amazing experience and I’m very happy I decided to do the freshman play, Wantman said. 

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