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Freshman Class President: Alex Verbitsky

Posted By Fiza Ansari On November 2, 2010 @ 6:05 am In News | Comments Disabled

Why did you decide to run for class president?
I decided to run for class president because as a dynamic leader, I enjoy talking to people and making new friends. I also want to make our high school years unforgettable.
How did you campaign?
My campaign was based on having a lot of my very good friends help and support me by putting in their time and effort for my success in the election.
According to you, what sets you apart from the rest of the candidates?
All of the candidates were very strong opponents. Being a valued member of the debate team, cross country team, and the Lions Roar, my devotion to and success in both athletics and academics is always 100 percent. I believe that I have the energy, the dedication, and the raw passion needed to lead our class.
You had a lot of elements to your campaign; why so many?
The purpose of having a lot of parts to a campaign is mostly to get recognized by other people. I needed my name to be heard and remembered. Each of the items – the hats, the baked goods, and the stickers – serves the same purpose of getting people to know and remember my name. These items also hold the purpose of showing my fellow students that I can fundraise effectively.
What do you think about the other class officers?
It is an honor to be working and cooperating with the other class officers, since all of them are very great people who have a lot of interesting ideas for improvement.
What plans do you have in mind for this year?
I will not only hear all of the brilliant ideas of the students, but I will turn them into a passion-filled action plan for change and growth.
What events are you especially looking forward to this year?
We will organize prosperous fundraisers, plan exciting dances and a memorable freshman cruise, and more.
What is your primary focus?
My primary focus is to make our freshman year the best that it can possibly be. Together, as a united student body, we can make a great school even better.
How would you describe your presidency in one word (or more)?
Evoking the memory of one of my favorite leaders, John Fitzgerald Kennedy:
“I will pay any price, I will bear any burden, I will meet any hardship, I will support any friend in order to ensure the success of the Newton South High School Class of 2014. That is the attitude I will live with every day as your class president.

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