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Explicit text messages lead to ruined relationships

Posted By Alexandra Fen On November 2, 2010 @ 5:05 am In Editorials and Opinions | Comments Disabled

Dear Generation Y,
You’re scaring us. Just yesterday we attempted to initiate a conversation with you, only to be answered by the staccato rhythm of your texting fingers.
Lips quivering, tears forming, we yearned to simply hear the sound of your voice, but alas, your eyes remained fixed on your Smartphone screen.
We cursed the very technology that took you away from us, yet had no choice but to resort to our own cellular devices to occupy our lonesome selves. There we were, side by side, in our own separate wireless worlds.
The rapid technological advancements that we have grown up with have become such an integral part of our lives, to such an extent that we are eroding the dynamic of our personal relationships by devoting ourselves to digital communication.
This cyber arena we have created allows for even our most intimate exchanges to be shared with the mere click of a button.
Since we are trying to connect with you tech-savvy snoils on a more personal level, we might as well be honest and tell you outright: we’re talking about sexting.
Are you blushing? Or did you just tweet the emoticon equivalent instead? Regardless of your reaction, read carefully because this is a serious issue. Contrary to popular belief, this trend is not just popular among prepubescent middle school girls eager to flaunt their trainingbraless chests, submitting to the pressures of their media-influenced male counterparts.
In fact, celebrities such as Jesse James and Tiger Woods have engaged in the act, offering evidence of their infidelity and staining their reputations. And just last week a high school teacher and soccer coach in Rhode Island was charged with sending sexually inappropriate messages to students. Though South has yet to suffer a scandal of this nature, we have a feeling that sexting is still prevalent and concerning here.
Students may be inclined to sext for a number of reasons. Perhaps they are trying to impress a buddy.
Or maybe they are just taking a homework break. They could just revel in the attention or feel pressured to live up to standards set by the increasingly provocative media.
But, according to our calculations, they most likely listened to Trey Songz’s lyrical masterpiece “LOL smiley face one too many times. (“Shorty sent a twitpic saying come and get this LOL smiley face, LOL smiley face)
Whatever the motivation, the potential consequences are the same. Apart from the illegality of sexting, specifically exchanging suggestive photos that could land you jail time or considerable fines, the trend comes with a variety of detrimental effects.
We all know how easy’€and common’€it is to use a computer or phone as a vehicle to express thoughts we are not comfortable saying in person.
Sexters are all the more likely, therefore, to abandon their inhibitions and say something completely uncharacteristic, something they may later regret.
A problem inherent in sexting is that it lacks the privacy that sexual interactions call for, no matter how private it seems at the time. Sexters often overlook the threat of message forwarders, snoopers, gossipers, blackmailers, and the like. Especially as a teenager, a blow like this to a reputation is hard to come back from. As harmless as that suggestive text or picture seems to you, it could cause uncontrollable damage to your dignity and respectability.
It’s no fun having to make a public apology to mend your reputation. At least that’s what Tiger told us.
The most startling effect of all, however, is on the future of our interactions, our relationships, our society as a whole.
If technology absorbs every form of personal connection, will we still value face-to-face contact at all? If this contact does indeed become obsolete, the world will be a grim, quiet, cold, babyless, place.
So stop sexting, put down your phone, and talk to us.
We’re right here. We’ve been waiting for you.

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