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Crew long overdue

Posted By Jarrett Gorin On November 2, 2010 @ 5:15 am In Editorials and Opinions | Comments Disabled

Why is lacrosse such a popular sport at South? Why football? Why basketball?
All of these sports have one thing in common: they are accessible to everyone. Practice is right here at school.
There is even a swim team, despite South’s lack of a swimming pool. And yet with all this variety we are still lacking one team we should not be: a crew team.
One of the most well-known regattas, the Head of the Charles is held every year in Boston as a featured boat race which is attended by teams around the world.
Crew is a well-known sport that very few people at South play’€it’s extremely popular, especially in Boston. Not to mention that many high schools in the area, both public and private, have crew teams.
So why don’t we have a crew team here at South?
Crew would be beneficial to South not only because it is fun and interesting, but also because it will give more people who aren’t interested in the current sports offered an opportunity to try something new. Crew is also a great way to stay in shape.
Crew also has many psychological benfits. First of all, it teaches rowers to focus.
They need to be alert and attentive so they don’t run into anything on the water. If one person is not paying attention, the boat could capsize or hit something.
Second of all, rowing also teaches teamwork and cooperation. Crew requires the entire team to be in sync with each other.
Each individual knows the strengths and weaknesses of the others and balances them out by placing people where they would be most suited.
Everyone must cooperate. These values can be applied in everyday life, which I have experienced firsthand.
It’s easier for me to work as a group in classes now than it was before I started rowing.
Because there is no closer option, I have to row at a boathouse along the Charles River called Community Rowing, Inc. (CRI).
It’s a great building and a great place to row, but driving back and forth takes a lot of time, time that I end up losing in sleep because of South’s infamously heavy workload.
It would be great not to have to go to CRI. It is an inconvenient trip, and because of traffic, getting in and out always takes forever.
If there was a team at South, a bus could take us to row, and a bus could take us back. Then getting home from South would be a piece of cake.
Other students at South who also row at CRI feel the same way about a crew team.
“It would be awesome to have a crew team at South because it’s a great sport, freshman rower Richard DeNitto said.
Crew at South would be convenient and fun. It is also not a sport that everyone knows how to do. It’s unique.
Even students who don’t row competitively would enjoy a crew team.
“It would cost a lot of money, but . . . it would be worth it, freshman George Sangiolo said.
Students at South want a crew team.
It would help those who don’t have time to drive to CRI and those who don’t row would have fun trying something new. In other words, South needs a crew team.
The more students are able to try their hand at new sports, the better off we’ll be.

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