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China’s censorship hindering progress

By Andrew Feng
Published: November 2010

Chinese activist Liu Xiaobo was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize “for his long and non-violent struggle for fundamental human rights in China by the Nobel Committee on October 8. Liu Xiaobo, a long term activist for the integration of democratic principle in the Chinese government, was in jail at the time for “inciting subversion of state power according to the Chinese Government.
Imprisonment has not stopped Xiabo, who has been formally arrested four times. Most recently, he was arrested for his involvement in Charter 08, a declaration for the democratization of the Chinese Government signed by over 350 prominent citizens.
During his tumulus years from 1989 through present day, Xiaobo managed to write over ten major publications and getting married, while in and out of jail.
Throughout his career as an activist for democracy, he also won numerous awards from various democratic and free speech organizations.
Despite this, his work is frequently censored in China, and the reports of his Nobel Prize have been banned since the time of its announcement.
China has one of the few modern day authoritarian governments and has managed to expand greatly under its influence. Xiaobo is one of the many citizens of China who have realized that, with a lack of legal rights for its citizens, a critical analysis of government is essentially rendered useless. A citizen has few free speech rights and with that comes a genuine lack of thought. This leads to an apathetic citizenry, one who believes that all its problems will be solved by those in power.
Many other countries have attempted to confront China over its controlling policies.
The problem is China’s size and influence. It is possible for the country’s style of government to improve prosperity, but the citizens need to be involved.
China should take advantage of its one billion citizens and allow them to express their opinions and ideas.
Xiaobo remians certain that without a like-minded and united population, a country will not be able to progress further.
By winning the Nobel Prize, his ideas have reached far more people.

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