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Art focus: Jaclyn Horowitz

By Rachel Schy
Published: November 2010

Many may know her as that really short girl who is always on stage displaying her talents, but to others she is senior Jaclyn Horowitz, a friendly face they know and love.
Since she was five, Horowitz has been involved in the performing arts, starting out at a local production company called Center Stage.
“My first [play] was called Rocky Road. Five or six years later, I was still performing with Center Stage, and we ended up doing Rocky Road again! This time I was a legitimate character named Petal, Horowitz said.
In addition to performing in Center Stage productions, Horowitz has also appeared in South Stage shows, as well as shows by a community theater company called All About Us, Inc.  
In High School, Horowitz has landed parts in the Freshman play Superhuman, Footloose, Miracle Worker, Guys and Dolls, Theopolis, Sweet Charity, Comedy of Errors, Lebensraum, and has most recently been cast in Hairspray.
Horowitz feels that Superhuman was her best experience in South Stage so far.
“When you’re a Frosh you’re in your own isolated bubble of fun. There’s not that much pressure. There’s not an excess of rehearsal…Everyone just wants to be friends with everyone. People from all different social groups were best friends during the Frosh Play. It’s just a great way to transition into South Stage without the pressure of auditions and competition, Horowitz said.
Although Superhuman was her favorite show to be in, her favorite roles were Dromio of Syracuse from Comedy of Errors and Gershom from Theopolis.  
“[They] are tied as my favorite roles because they both challenged me to communicate in unfamiliar ways, Horowitz said.
Theopolis is a silent play, so Horowitz had to find a way to communicate her thoughts and feelings without words, and Comedy of Errors was a Shakespeare play.
“I needed to bring inaccessible language alive. I learned how to engage an audience into a twisted, unfamiliar world without the help of colloquial language, Horowitz said.
On top of all her experience in theater, Horowitz is also a devoted member of South’s student-run acapella group, The Newtones.  
As a fourth year member, Horowitz has been through a lot with Newtones, from performing with Ben Folds to getting used to a new group of people every year.
“Every year, with new members and such, The Newtones has a different flavor. This year, with tons of new faces, it’s been great getting everyone acclimated and passionate about Newtones, Horowitz said.
“This year, because I am co-president, it has been a difficult transition from the disciplined to the disciplinarian.
Horowitz says that she is “often inspired by the talent and dedication that can arise from a student-run group.
Horowitz is a triple threat; she sings, acts, and even dances.
“Because I’ve never pursued dance, there is little pressure to be good, which just makes it all the more enjoyable, she said, “I must admit, I do have a few perfected signature moves.
In the future, Horowitz hopes to pursue the performing arts as an extracurricular.
“I am definitely not going to pursue it for a career unless something lands upon my lap, Horowitz said.

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