November 2010 Issue

Stembridge warns against Montreal trip

By Alex Gershanov | Published: November 2010
Plans for a five-day, senior graduation trip to Montreal fell through earlier this month after students were informed of the tour's possible dangers.

Temple Avodah turns speaker away

By Hye-Jung Yang | Published: November 2010
For a month, Temple Beth Avodah in Newton had been billed to hold a talk between the founder of pro-Israel reform group J Street, Jeremy Ben-Ami, and interviewer Steven Maas, editor of The Jewish Advocate, on November 18. Following outcry from some members of its congregation, however, synagogue leaders decided to cancel the event a few days before it was to occur. The location of the event was quickly moved to ...

Student recounts unconventional rally

By Jonah Seifer | Published: November 2010
Approaching the sea of restless strangers, no one knew what to expect. An air of mystery engulfed the crowd, which waited with bated breath to see what would come next. Droves of costumed people – some dressed as pigs, others as Jesus, and one as Green-Spandex-Man – paraded around the streets, stopping only to pose for the occasional snapshot. Thousands of people thrust signs into the air, demanding marijuana legalization and arguing ...

Staffing Strains on Library, School

By Rutul Patel | Published: November 2010
Due to Newton's ongoing fiscal deficit, South staffing has suffered several cuts, forcing the library to close during Monday J Blocks. Principal Joel Stembridge noted that this is not an isolated incident and believes it is only a matter of time until budget cuts hit the classroom. Though financial troubles have already begun to put a strain on staffing, Stembridge is committed to minimizing their impact on students and teachers. “Both North ...

Camera count rises from 10-12 to 50-60

By Dayun Keum | Published: November 2010
In an effort to improve security and prevent theft at South, the administration plans to install 50 to 60 security cameras around the building in January. According to school policy, both North and South are permitted to use security cameras in public places. The Newton School Committee, which presides over policy-making and budget approval, authorized this policy last spring. This “gave the green light to go ahead, Principal Joel Stembridge said. A company ...

New food options installed by January

By Alex Gershanov | Published: November 2010
After nine months of uncertainty, tense negotiations, and back and forth bargaining, new and varied food options for students are just around the corner. The School Committee and the School Nutrition Workers Association have finally settled on a food service agreement, allowing Whitsons School Nutrition to take over all food operations in Newton beginning January 4. Whitsons promises to offer more lunch and breakfast options, as well as to employ all ...

“Haz you seen my binz?”

By Astha Agarwal | Published: November 2010
Orders for seven double-tandem recycling and trash dollies for South, and eight for the city, were accidentally shipped to another company in New Mexico at the end of October. These dollies, which are “part of the recycling initiative for South, according to South Recycling Coordinator Sally Rosen, will be “used for custodial staff to wheel around from room to room to collect recycling and trash. A new recycling program at South is ...

Fresh out of the oven: new Panera

By Melanie Erspamer | Published: November 2010
Taking the place of an expensive clothing store, a new Panera Bread opened at 1241 Center Street on November 2. The location is a busy area of Newton, making it an ideal spot for a restaurant business. “We had that spot in mind a long time ago, Mary Pat Joseph, one of Panera's managers, said. “The community wanted us. Being in touch with Newton realtors helped as well; it was not difficult ...

After 20-year hiatus, pep-band livens up South sports

By Rutul Patel | Published: November 2010
A few months after music teacher Jason Squinobal began teaching at South, Principal Joel Stembridge asked him to put together a pep band that would perform at the school's football and basketball games. After a month of organizing, 13 students joined the band. Now, it consists of students from every grade, the majority being sophomores. To recruit these students, Squinobal used an open-enrollment process, meaning that any student that wanted to ...

Freshman Class President: Alex Verbitsky

By Fiza Ansari | Published: November 2010
Why did you decide to run for class president? I decided to run for class president because as a dynamic leader, I enjoy talking to people and making new friends. I also want to make our high school years unforgettable. How did you campaign? My campaign was based on having a lot of my very good friends help and support me by putting in their time and effort for my success in the ...

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