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Trend pierces fashion frontrunners

Posted By Jen Maxwell On October 28, 2010 @ 2:07 am In Features | Comments Disabled

Students looking to change their appearance in a fun, yet not too drastic way have taken to setting a new trend: getting a nose ring.
How have these students, and their usually less-than-thrilled parents, adjusted to their new bejeweled noses?
Many, including senior Sydney Morin, love having a pierced nose and have no regrets about their decision.
“I love the way it looks, and I had wanted one for a really long time, she said. “Right after I got it pierced, I was sort of in shock and was sort of freaked out that there was actually a piece of metal in my nose. But that only lasted for about three hours. Since then, I have loved it.
Though Morin had little concerns or hesitations about getting her nose pierced after wanting to for so long, her parents were less enthused.
Parental permission is required to get a piercing in the US for those under the age of 18, so like many other kids, Morin had to work to win over her parents.
“My mom took a while to convince, Morin said, “I first popped the ‘Ëœhypothetical’ question when I was fifteen, and the answer was immediately no¦but then I kept asking and really showed her that I wanted it, and finally over the summer she said yes.
Morin’s dad was also put off by the idea originally but finally approved.
Sophomore Guya Tuval faced a similar dilemma when she decided she wanted to get her nose pierced, “I had to beg my parents forever. My mom was tough to convince, but my dad was easier, I just had to promise to be the good child that I already am, she said.
Those who did not want to deal with parental approval got pierced in countries with different laws. Many South students have returned from Israel, for example, with various types of piercings.
The pain of piercing turns many away from getting a nose ring, but those trendsetting students overcame this fear or never had a fear of this pain.
“I am really tolerant of pain, so the thought of having them stick a needle through my nose didn’t bother me at all, Tuval said.
Other students who were initially afraid of the process just focused on how badly they wanted it and how cool it would look after the fleeting moment of pain.
Sadly, at first not everyone felt that these students’ new jewelry was as cool as the trendsetters felt they were, likely because they were not yet accustomed to the sight of the ring.
“At first my brother was joking with me that after I got it he would only talk to me if the nose ring was facing away from him, said Morin. “Now he doesn’t even care, she said.
Whether having to nag parents relentlessly, travel to a foreign country, or deal with the initial disapproval of relatives or friends, students have had to overcome various obstacles in order to pierce their noses.
In the end, they all seem to be happy with the results.
“I always wanted to do something semi-crazy, and a nose-ring is a fun thing to have, senior Michaela Vawter said.

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