Seasons Club offers opportunity to embrace great outdoors

By Sammie Levin
Published: October 2010

New Englanders have the benefit of distinctly experiencing all four seasons. Leaves change colors and fall from the trees, snowflakes powder branches and coat the ground, flowers bloom, and temperatures change day to day.
To ensure that South students take the time to notice and appreciate these changes, senior Martha Schnee has founded a club devoted to celebrating all that each season has to offer.
“Last year in my math class, Ms. Hollingsworth had us go outside and observe a tree for the last five minutes of class periodically throughout the year. It was nice to see the changes in the tree as the seasons shifted over time, Schnee said.
Inspired by this idea, Schnee developed the framework for the Seasons Club.
She discussed the idea with Hollingsworth, who agreed to be the club’s advisor, and then pitched it to club coordinator Lenny Libenzon earlier this year.
Schnee explained to Libenzon that, “at South, we move so quickly that we often forget to stop, look around, and appreciate our environment. Seasons Club will help people slow down and embrace each season.
She devised a list of activities and outings that club members could participate in, such as apple picking, jumping in leaf piles, carving pumpkins, tracing hand turkeys, sledding, sipping hot chocolate, and making gingerbread houses.
Libenzon was impressed and intrigued, agreeing that the club would help students “be less stressed and notice the little things.
“I think she really struck a chord. It is amazing, Libenzon said.
He approved the club and even hung the list of activities on his office door.
After receiving the seal of approval, Schnee began advertising by putting up a sign in the Senior Commons. She started there to not only raise awareness about the club among fellow seniors, but also because the Commons will be the site of many Seasons Club festivities.
“We are going to decorate the Commons based on the current season. We will cut paper snowflakes and hang them on the walls, Schnee said.“And bring in pumpkins and squash for the harvest season, senior Chloe Rothman said.
Underclassmen will be permitted to enter the commons to partake in these special events.
Schnee also advertised at the club fair and was pleasantly surprised by how many potential members she was able to recruit. She has also been successful in recruiting many of her friends to join, such as senior Yudit Bolotovsky.
“When I first heard that Seasons Club was happening, I could not be happier. I was so excited to sign up, Bolotovsky said.
Senior Jeff Hurray, on the other hand, is unsure of whether or not he will be joining after facing severe humiliation and disappointment due to misinterpreting the name of the club.
“I originally believed Martha had created a club about seasonings. I was so excited that I planted more parsley in my garden than usual so I could share it with my Seasons Club comrades, Hurray said.
He added, “I thought I would finally be able to connect with students that had the same passion for garnishing food with culinary herbs that I do, but alas, I had been led astray.
He is still considering joining, however, and will continue to search for an outlet for his herbal fixation.
Schnee and club members do not let mockery like Hurray’s belittle their cause.
“A lot of people make fun of the club, but it’s real. It’s real, Rothman said.
So if you are looking to learn about the seasons, engage in fun activities, and have a chance to prematurely step foot in the senior commons, stop by room 4207 during Wednesday J-Blocks to join Seasons Club.

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