Page in honor of Adam London gains state-wide support

By Ariel Rivkin
Published: October 2010

It has been over a month since the Newton community lost Adam London in a tragic car accident. The effects of his death, however, have left lasting impressions not only on students in the South community, but also on students all over Massachusetts.
Nearly three thousand people have shown their support by liking the “A Promise to Adam page on Facebook. The page was created to spread awareness quickly in an attempt to prevent “risky behavior and driving.
The site prompts Facebook users to take a pledge to drive safely.
By utilizing Facebook and the internet, students living in other towns and cities have become aware of London’s accident and safe driving.
Scarlett Hao, a senior at Lexington High School learned about the accident from the Boston Globe and was deeply affected by the story.
“I’m one of those people who always speed home at night to make curfew but I think it’s important to be aware of what I’m doing because what happened to London could happen to anyone, she said.
The content on the Facebook page helped Hao understand what was important. “I liked the Facebook page because I think it’s important to be safe, Hao said.
In addition to students from other towns, the Facebook page has caught the attention of students from other school systems. Students who attend private schools have shown their support by liking “The Promise to Adam page on Facebook.
Olivia Pierce, a Sophmore at Newton Country Day School learned about the accident from a fellow student at her school.
“One of the girls in my grade is really good family friends with [London's] family, Pierce said.  “She spoke to us and told us about what happened and encouraged us to make a pledge.
Even though Pierce hasn’t made a pledge yet, she liked the Facebook page out of respect.
“I liked the page in order to show support and to learn more about what happened, Pierce said. “It’s so important to be aware of what happened to Adam because it’s so awful and terrible.
“Especially now, when I’m signing up for driving lessons and preparing to get my license, it’s such a big reminder to drive safely.
Similar to Pierce, Lexi Knopf, a senior at Beaver Country Day School  [BCDS] liked the “A Promise to Adam page because she feels that it is “important for people to know what happened and to be aware.
Knopf, who learned about London’s accident through their mutual friends, learned about the page when one of her friends who goes to Newton North suggested it on Facebook.
“I read the information and watched the videos and completely agreed with what it said, Knopf said. “I didn’t know Adam personally but I had mutual friends with him and they made me more conscious of driving at night.
“Seeing how upset my friends were made realize that even one accident can have such a big effect on the community.
Some of Knopf’s friends at BCDS have also liked the page.
“We all know people who knew him and we all talked about it, she said. “He was a guy who was in our community, and to see how big of an effect his death had on everyone made us think about responsibility.
Knopf said that the information on the page has helped her become a better friend, explaining that she is more aware of how her friends get home and ensures that they are safe.
In addition to high school students, the Facebook page has caught the attention of younger kids.
Amanda Graf, a student at Bigelow Middle School in Newton liked the page after learning about the accident.
“I heard my brother and mom talking about it in the car, Graf said. “I liked the page because it’s just so sad.
Graf feels that the accident has helped her think about the future.
“I didn’t know Adam personally, but as someone who lives in Newton it made me think that when I get my license, I need to drive safely, especially at night, she said.
It’s clear that no matter is we are younger, older, live in Newton or far away, that we can all learn from London’s death.
Thousands of people have already learned how to drive safely from the facebook page.
Hopefully, awareness will only increase over time.

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