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North keeps spirit despite tragedies

By Alex Gershanov
Published: October 2010

Despite recent troubling events including the death of one student and the arrest of another, Newton North’s students maintain high spirits as the school year progresses. Aided by support from the school’s guidance department, North students feel that their community has grown stronger over the course of these events.
The school suffered two traumatic incidents in the past two months, spurring action by the guidance department both times. In the first, North senior Adam London lost control of his car traveling down a wet and winding Newton road and slammed into a tree on August 23. Despite efforts by rescue crews and hospital staff, Adam could not be revived. North opened prior to the beginning of the school year to offer students a place to gather, talk, and grieve.
Just over a month later on October 1, a current North senior and a 2010 North graduate were arrested and charged with murder in connection with a shooting of a 29-year-old Waltham resident. North’s guidance department was on hand the following Monday to work with students who needed to discuss the incident.
North senior Sasha Land believes that students are coping well with the events and have had a lot of support from each other and the guidance department.
“[Both of the incidents] are pretty traumatic, especially for our grade, she said. “We’ve had two students die, two faculty die, but I think it has brought us together. Our grade has been through a lot, but the guidance department is very understanding of what’s going on and the effect it has on students.

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