New England’s fall pastimes

By Liana Butchard
Published: October 2010

What else could brisk weather and leaves changing color mean but the return of fall?
Now officially about a month into fall, we must let go of summer thoughts and focus instead on exciting fall activities.
Having to pull out a coat to bundle up in the biting wind isn’t necessarily ideal, but there are many fun seasonal activities to take advantage of.
Be it apple picking, raking leaves, or dressing up for that special holiday at the end of October, fall offers endless possibilities. New England, home to many apple orchards, is the perfect place to go apple picking. Some popular orchards are the Nashoba Valley Winery and the Belkin Family Lookout Farm which has both apples and pumpkins.
After picking the apples, the next step of course is to make apple pie. This “classic American food is perfect for a cool fall day especially when topped with vanilla ice cream. Caramel apples are another popular treat made with apples.
Another traditional fall activity is raking leaves.
“I love raking leaves and then jumping into them, freshman Sienna Jackson-Unger said.
It is even a money-making opportunity if your neighbors are looking for someone to rake their leaves for them. Perhaps the most popular day in fall is October 31st: Halloween.
And who wouldn’t love a holiday that gives you an excuse to dress up and beg for candy and treats?
Deciding what to dress up is a crucial decision. Some of the most popular costumes for 2010 are Lady Gaga, Jersey Shore characters, and characters from the movie Avatar. Many also opt for a classic costume such as a witch or ghost, which never seem to go out of style.
Unfortunately, this year Halloween falls on a Sunday. Despite how this might limit Halloween festivities, there are still tons of fun things to do.
Carving pumpkins is an easy way to get into the Halloween spirit. There are also “fright nights at the 3-D Davis Mega Maze in Sterling, MA on Friday and Saturday nights leading up to Halloween.
Before you know it, snow will coat the ground and the winter blues will kick in. Now is the time to experience and enjoy the fall.
Halloween is approaching rapidly and there are endless fun opportunities to enjoy both that, and autumn overall.

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