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Denebola excited by new technical opportunities

Posted By Denebola On October 28, 2010 @ 6:07 am In Editorials and Opinions | Comments Disabled

Following a $200 million renovation at Newton North, it only seemed fair to wonder what South might receive to achieve a certain level of equity between Newton’s two high schools.

While a $200,000 technology upgrade is close to fractional, we’ll take what we can get.

After years of toying with outdated iBooks and eMacs that were impossible to use because they were so slow and unreliable, the School Committee has finally decided to invest in new technological tools for South students.

The district has also implemented a new “Active Directory login system, which is much-desired over the old, generic user accounts used in the past.

Sure, initially no one remembers their student ID’s for their username and password, but once remembered, it rids you of the awkward feeling of leaving your assignments in view of anyone who wishes to see them.

However, as we welcome this new technology to South, we worry that it may not be utilized as well as it could be.

The potential benefit of this technology is, of course, based on its success as an instructional tool for students and teachers.
At this point, we feel that students – and potentially teachers – need more instruction to take full advantage of these new tools, which should prove incredibly valuable.

For example, students and teachers all heard that saved documents are now accessible from any computer in the building.
Numerous students have relied on this assumption to continue working on an assignment on a computer other than the one they began it on.

Many students were then disappointed that their documents did not seem to appear on other computers they logged in to.

Upon further investigation, some students found out that there is a special procedure for saving documents in order to access them from other computers.

Additional technology instruction would have eliminated any confusion in the first place and allowed students to spend their time on academics instead of trying to find their Word and PowerPoint files.

And though we are grateful for the ability to log in with our own Active Directory accounts, not everyone knew about this this at the beginning of the school year.

When teachers took their classes to the new computer labs, students were unable to log in and teachers could do little to mitigate these problems.

These are just two – simple and fundamental – examples of how the instruction with technology is needed at South
Denebola believes that the new technology is beneficial but additional educational technology training is required in order to fully take advantage of and benefit from the great new resources South has received.

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