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Broken bin wheel stirs trouble

By Hye-Jung Yang
Published: October 2010

A suspicious package sent to Mayor Setti Warren at City Hall put officials on alert and led them to shut down the building for a few hours on October 15. Upon opening, however, the package was found to be harmless, containing a broken segment of a garbage bin wheel and a note sent by a Newton resident irritated by the defective wheels.
The package, a large envelope with no return address, was in the shape of a cylinder, leading the mail carriers at City Hall to mark it as an object of caution. In response, the entire building emptied around 10:30 am and officials called the FBI and State Police to investigate.
After the teams X-rayed the package and tested for chemicals and explosives, however, they opened the package under safe conditions and deemed the object to be non-threatening. The building was reopened at 12:30 pm.
Defective wheels on garbage bins have been an issue in Newton for some time, according to the Boston Globe. Currently, residents can call into the city’s Department of Public Welfare to schedule a replacement time for wheels; some, however, are still dissatisfied with this solution.
According to officials, the commotion arose from an unintentional misunderstanding, and the Newton resident is not in trouble for sending the package.

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