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Art Focus: Jacob Gilbert

By Michelle Mandeau
Published: October 2010

Art has been a major component of Jacob Gilbert’s life ever since he was a child. Although he has moved on from Duplo and Lego to more advanced art forms, Gilbert has never let go of his creative drive.
Much of Gilbert’s artistic influence and involvement with art comes from his parents, who were always doing different crafts and projects.
His father used to be a published cartoonist and his mother had been trained in art.
Even though his parents greatly influenced him, Gilbert’s natural ability and passion are the main factors in what makes him a great artist.
His fascination with structures and mechanics as a child are vital to his artwork today and has helped him develop a distinctive style of his own.
Gilbert has explored many mediums such as colored pencils, ink, charcoal and watercolors but his main tool is a pencil. Although he is not too keen on working with acrylics and other paints, he still tries to “really embrace all mediums and ha[s] taken classes in clay, glass, ceramics, and woodworking.
Apart from art, Gilbert is musically talented as well. He has played guitar for eight years and has also experimented with the banjo.
“I just thought it would be really cool to be able to play music and shred on guitar, Gilbert said.
Currently, Gilbert listens to the bands like Guster, Phish, Dirty Projectors, Animal Collective, Grizzly Bear, Phoenix.
“I really like all genes and types of music, and my interests are constantly shifting. Right now I’m pretty into ‘Ëœthe tallest man on earth’ and Andrew Bird. I always love discovering new bands and talking to kids about music, he said.
The music he writes is a reflection of his changing and broad interests.
His favorite music to play is jazz and classic rock, but is open to almost anything.
Gilbert has made multiple attempts to form a band but only one has been successful.
“I find one of the greatest sensations in life is when you’re playing music with other people and you’re completely in tune with one another – you’re all playing at your very best, and the communication is just flowing, Gilbert said.
He tries to jam with other people as much as possible and would like to form a band in the future.
In the meantime, Gilbert has been working on some solo recordings.
As for college, Gilbert plans on continuing with art and music. For most of his life, Gilbert imagined himself going to art school but after taking rigorous art classes, he found that art school wasn’t for him.
“I love drawing and creating art, but once deadlines and grades are involved, I lose some of my passion and excitement, he said. “I just don’t enjoy feeling that I have to force creativity to meet a deadline.
However, he can see himself in a career based around design or architecture.
Designing things like products, furniture, and gadgets have always been an interest of his and is interested in the big picture.
“I don’t really want to renovate a kitchen [but rather] I want to design museums, theaters, and malls. But I know you have to start somewhere, he said. “Architecture has been an important element in my college search as I still want to keep that option open.
As far as music goes, Gilbert is planning on pursuing it on a casual level and will try to play guitar as much as he currently does.

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