October 2010 Issue

Creem supports marijuana reform

By Rutul Patel | Published: October 2010
After accumulating over 4,000 signatures from residents of the First Middlesex and Norfolk Districts (Newton, Norwood and Wellesley) the Massachusetts Cannabis Reform Coalition (MassCann) attached a non-binding question regarding the possible legalization of marijuana to this year's State Senatorial Election ballot. Senator Cynthia Creem, the representative for Newton, supports legalization, which makes her one of 40 senators who openly support the legalization of marijuana. The question will ask voters to vote ...

Governor debate

By Amanda Sands | Published: October 2010
The four Massachusetts gubernatorial candidates responded to a variety of pressing issues at an action on October 17 hosted by the Greater Boston Interfaith Organization (GBIO), a nonprofit group of diverse political activists with common goals.

Band ensembles offered paid shows outside of school

By Dayun Keum | Published: October 2010
Over the past few years, the symphonic band at South has received numerous requests from the community to perform at special events. Previously, there was no official system in place to determine which members would get to play. This year, however, band director Lisa Linde plans to create small “on-call ensembles that will be available to play whenever a group is requested to perform.

New student-accessible WiFi system in works for future

By Fiza Ansari and Melanie Erspamer | Published: October 2010
After over-reliance on a single wifi server at South last year caused an overload of bandwidth traffic, Director of Information Technology Shelley Chamberlain has started an initiative to establish more servers in Newton Public Schools.

Budget deficits cause stress among staff

By Noah Rivkin and Hye-Jung Yang | Published: October 2010
Due to the renovation of Newton North and budget problems over the past few years, the Newton School Committee has been forced to make numerous cuts to staff positions at South across all departments. As a result, secretaries, department heads, and teachers are finding themselves saddled with more duties than expected, dividing tasks among themselves that were previously delegated to former faculty members. At both South and North, two department secretaries ...

Denebola interviews new Superintendent David Fleishman

By Astha Agarwal | Published: October 2010
What is your role as superintendent of the Newton Public Schools? I look at my role in a few ways. I want to do everything possible to take a very high quality school system and make it better; one part of my role is working with people in the system, principals, and others teachers, department heads, and figure out how to do that. And to find out what our strategies are educationally. I also want to make sure we have a culture that's respectful, tolerant, careful, so that we not only take care of the academic needs of our students, but the social and emotional needs. Then there's the whole management role. When you're the leader of the system with almost 2000 employees there's a lot to manage, I want to make sure we hire the strongest people, provide the best training, and use our resources wisely. We have limited resources and we have to educate a lot of kids, and make sure that our buildings are in good condition. South is in good shape, but our elementary schools could use some work. I want to make sure I build strong relationships with the community.

Broken bin wheel stirs trouble

By Hye-Jung Yang | Published: October 2010
A suspicious package sent to Mayor Setti Warren at City Hall put officials on alert and led them to shut down the building for a few hours on October 15. Upon opening, however, the package was found to be harmless, containing a broken segment of a garbage bin wheel and a note sent by a Newton resident irritated by the defective wheels. The package, a large envelope with no return address, ...

State funding to renovate schools

By Astha Agarwal | Published: October 2010
Bowen and Williams Elementary Schools are eligible to receive funding from the state for a new roof and two new boilers, respectively. “Every year the mayor has given the city $1.75 million toward capital improvement project money in schools, but this year “we some extra money from the state, Newton School Committee Chairperson Claire Sokoloff said. “We could apply for the grant money for these two projects since they've ...

North keeps spirit despite tragedies

By Alex Gershanov | Published: October 2010
Despite recent troubling events including the death of one student and the arrest of another, Newton North's students maintain high spirits as the school year progresses. Aided by support from the school's guidance department, North students feel that their community has grown stronger over the course of these events. The school suffered two traumatic incidents in the past two months, spurring action by the guidance department both times. In the first, ...

Denebola excited by new technical opportunities

By Denebola | Published: October 2010
Following a $200 million renovation at Newton North, it only seemed fair to wonder what South might receive to achieve a certain level of equity between Newton's two high schools.

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