September 2010 Issue

Overbooked classes make a tougher learning environment

By Sandy Shen | Published: September 2010
It's the first day of school and I walk into my math classroom, glancing around to see which of my friends are with me. I'm happy to see a group of them sitting in the far corner, and I approach them with a grin. The bell rings, and what seem like the final few students come filing in, filling the remaining seats. Our teacher begins his lecture to a full ...

Bipartisanship occurs as a result of priest’s radical move

By Hattie Gawande | Published: September 2010
The media and internet have been hijacked by people with no desire to learn the truth. Lies are presented as facts and the facts are forgotten. Pandemonium is created over non-issues. This is life today. A gross exaggeration? Think back to the 2008 presidential election. Bloggers had been circulating the claim that Obama is a Muslim. It was a ...

Senior commons: a lost cause or work in progress?

By Sammie Levin | Published: September 2010
If it weren't for the titles of Facebook albums announcing that it is senior year, I truthfully do not think I would know. I certainly don't feel like a senior. Apparently I do not look like one either, as I was mistaken for a freshman on the first day of school. Sick! I know it is far too early in the year to make any substantial judgments, but so far senior year is not all its cracked up to be. Why? Well, if I had to pinpoint one source of disappointment, it would be the fact that the sought-after senior c ommons is simply a room. Naturally, I assumed it would be a wonderland more magical than C.S. Lewis's Narnia, but not quite as magical as James Cameron's Pandora'€in other words, approximately equally as magical as May Fen's dumplings. But alas, it is nothing more than a square space with worn-out chairs and a poster endorsing Cindy Creem. To cope with this grave reality, I have come up with a list of common sense solutions to improve the common's sense.

Rimm: A Senior’s Senior

By Jeff Hurray and Adam Sachs | Published: September 2010
Hi, marsupials. Last year, our column received mixed reception, coming fully to our attention in the beginning of summer, when our moms collectively held an intervention for us both demanding from us to: “Cut the crap, ya turkey! “Quit bein' a dingus! Henceforth, we had a dark summer'€things stopped going our way: we lost our shared set of skin-toned crayons; all of our pets died, simultaneously and painfully; I pooped my ...

Going to Gogh

By Denebola | Published: September 2010
A major part of the Prague Spring Program involves spending a day in the famous city of Amsterdam, Netherlands. Despite being jet-lagged and coming straight off of a red-eye, our group managed to scuttle around the city to profit. Among our many adventures in Amsterdam, we were required to go to the Van Gogh Museum by our  co-director, Mr. White. Although we had no choice in the matter, the Van Gogh ...

A Day Through a City of Ghosts

By Denebola | Published: September 2010
Trains are definitely my preferred mode of transportation; you don't have to fly thousands of feet above the ground, and you don't have to worry about sinking. The train ride from Prague to Berlin was the longest I have ever taken, a whopping four hours of iPod-listening, charade-playing, and This I Believe II-reading. Arriving in Berlin, was the obvious highlight. For me, it carried a sense of homecoming. I am of ...

The Winding Paths of Prague

By Marina Afonkina | Published: September 2010
Tiredly anticipating the long-awaited arrival, 17 exhausted students and two teachers stepped off the plane into Prague. The historical yet majestic city of Prague is the capital of the Czech Republic, formally known as Czechoslovakia. The ride to Hotel Arbus consisted of winding roads and steep hills on which castles stood, with the Vltava  River twisting through. Prague's monuments and architecture, displaying the history of the once united kingdoms of ...

Interior design makes a comeback; allows self expression

By Madeline Frieze | Published: September 2010
It is easy to tell who a person is just by looking at his or her room.  A bedroom is a sort of blank canvas, on which one can paint his/her deepest thoughts. Many students at South have personalized their rooms and, in doing so, expressed themselves on their walls. Senior Dario Foroutan displays his love for sports in his room. He displays two hockey sticks, one of which he received ...

Art Focus: Madeline Schulman

By Michelle Mandeau | Published: September 2010
Between starring in South Stage productions and spending summers studying theater abroad, senior Madeline Schulman is developing skills that could lead to fame and success in the future. When she was nine years old, Schulman's parents recognized her talent after she sang a one-line solo in a production at her summer camp. Consequently, they encouraged her to continue her pursuit of acting. The next summer, Schulman landed the role of Belle in Beauty in the ...

TV networks kick off fall season

By Brittany Bishop | Published: September 2010
Along with excitement of new teachers, a new school year, and new classes comes the anticipation of the fall television line-up. Every September, the TV stations dedicate one or two weeks each to end summer shows and begin to fill the stations with the premieres of both new and recurring programs. There are multiple shows per night to catch audiences with their love interests, medical diagnoses, song choices, or the thrill of ...

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