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What makes a sport a sport?

Posted By Noah Rivkin On September 30, 2010 @ 3:00 am In Sports | Comments Disabled

Entertainment and Sports Programming Network (ESPN) aires a wide spectrum of events each day. NASCAR, poker, and dog shows populate the channel regularly. ESPN is notorious for its sports, so why are the aforementioned competitions on display?
There exists a gray area in the world of athletics when distinguishing between sport and not sport. South has a wide variety of teams that recieve Varsity letters.
Some teams find themselves underappreciated; a few of these sports lie in the gray area between sport and mere competition.
Survey the entire student body, and one will find 2000 unique definitions for the criteria for a sport. In fact, the answer is so different from person to person that it makes it extremely difficult to come to a conclusion on the definition of a sport.
One sophomore, for example, considers athletics as falling under a broad range of activity. “A sport is something people can play competitively, Anders Klumpp said. However, considering this definition, an intense game of Candyland should merrit a Varsity letter.
This subject comes up in argument often at South when it comes to speaking about two sports teams in particular: the Golf team and the Dance team. The debate floating around South: are golf and competitive dance sports?
Sarah Linkova, a sophomore and a member of the dance team, certainly thinks dancing is. “When people tell me that dancing isn’t a sport, I am offended because I’ve spent just as many hours practicing as any other athlete has, she said. “[Make no mistake] dancing can be a hobby, but for people like [those on dance team] it’s a sport.
According to the Athletic Department’s criteria, competitive dancing is a sport, and the members of South’s Dance team receive Varsity letters.
Klumpp also defended his sport, golf, saying, “When people tell me golf isn’t a sport I just disagree because it’s still competition and that’s sport enough for me.
Even though some students not with these squads believe that golf and dance are sports, they find that student support is unrelated to what is and is not an athletic activity.
“If someone asked me to come with them to a golf match I wouldn’t go because I’m not that interested in golf, junior David Wortham said. “As a sport, it just isn’t that exciting to watch. I mean I want them to do well, but I’d much rather spend my time following the football team or the soccer team.
Sophomore Jessie Rosen had a different opinion about why select sports do not benefit from fan popularity. “I [generally] tend not to care about other sports teams unless I’m on them, she said.
Yet, Rosen admitted that her approach to supporting her school teams was a little bit unfair. “Being an athlete is hard. At the end of the day some people put in the same amount of work and don’t get the same amount of recognition in return and [athletics] just shouldn’t be judged that way, she added.
When asked if the lack of interest in his sport affected his approach to his game, sophomore and Golf team member Zach Carney responded, “Of course not. We won the Dual County League [championships] last year. We have the best Golf program in the state, so who cares what other people say?
Dance team member and sophomore Sammy Boucher had a similar approach. “When people say things like dancing isn’t a sport it makes us even more determined to show them that we work really hard and practice just as hard as [other athletes], she said. “If anything it gives us a boost to do better.
Linkova agreed: “We have practice every day just like any other sport, and for competitions we have to do really well so that everyone who says that dancing isn’t a sport can be shown that we’re not just hopping around.
In short, whether dance or golf is a sport or not, one must at least acknowledge the effort that both teams put into their game.

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