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TV networks kick off fall season

By Brittany Bishop
Published: September 2010

Along with excitement of new teachers, a new school year, and new classes comes the anticipation of the fall television line-up.
Every September, the TV stations dedicate one or two weeks each to end summer shows and begin to fill the stations with the premieres of both new and recurring programs.
There are multiple shows per night to catch audiences with their love interests, medical diagnoses, song choices, or the thrill of the kill.
No matter what it is you like, this September will surely have a TV show to pique your interest.
The CW seemed to kick off the month with its show premieres during the first two weeks.
From One Tree Hill to Gossip Girl, the drama on the channel is endless. The CW continues to fill its TV blocks with shows that attract people with its dramatic, fashion-forward edge.
The week following that channel’s main premieres came the key week for brand new shows that are being aired in hopes of becoming the next big shows.
Fox seems to contain some of the most prominent and popular shows of the month. House, for instance, premiered on the Monday of last week.
According to Dr. Hema Roychowdhury, South science teacher and huge House enthusiast, claimed the debut was just up to par.
“It was a decent bridge episode between the last season and this one, Roychowdhury said.
“I am more excited for the upcoming episodes from the previews that were shown.
Hopefully, as the episodes continue, the content will pick up.
Glee, another show from same network, seemed to be one of the most anticipated shows of the season.
Filled with drama, popular music for all ages, and a compelling plot line, Glee interests people of a wide demographic.
According to sophomore Victoria Yee, the music and outline presents a fairly accurate picture of high school.
“I like Glee because it reminds me of High School Musical, except it’s more realistic and the characters are really good, Yee said.
From there on, a plethora of the most popular shows come from a variety of channels ranging from NBC and ABC to HBO and Showtime.
For primetime television, these shows tend to drift towards the witty and clever humor, while the late night television focuses on the obscene, the explicit, and the violent.
As for NBC, Community and The Office seem to catch most people’s attention.
Community, in its second season, returns with the new recurring guest appearance of Betty White, while dealing with the constant love trials and clever wit that has always dominated.
The Office will begin its seventh season, which, to many people’s dismay, is Steve Carell’s last.
Many believe that this may be the end of the show, but there has been no confirmation or denial by the network.
For ABC, Modern Family returns with its family issues and comical, awkward situations.
As in every episode, the family members find themselves experiencing jealousy, getting into a dangerous circumstance, or trying to explain their way of life to those who don’t know them. Many South students are excited for the new season.
Showtime’s Dexter returns with its fifth, and possibly final, season.
Ending with one of the most unexpected and shocking finales, the show’s main character, Dexter, comes back to deal with the twist that last season so cleverly presented.
“The fourth season had one of the most suspenseful endings I’ve ever seen and I can’t wait to see how they continue the series, senior Phil Banaszek said.
As in every season, the viewers hope to see more suspense of Dexter’s kills and his ongoing internal struggle with his family and past.
HBO’s Boardwalk Empire, which already obtained a B+ from critics, began its first season.
The new program is centered in Atlantic City, New Jersey during the Prohibition era and follows political bosses and illegal alcohol distribution.
Senior Alex Frail said that the show “offers a gritty, realistic look into the formation of organized crime.
For anyone looking to find a new TV show, now would be the time to begin.
Whether you decide to start a completely new series or catch up on the last seasons of an existing TV show, there is a program for everyone’€plus, everybody can use a break from homework every now and then.

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