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Opposing Viewpoints: Apple’s iPad is a practical new technology

By Andrew Feng
Published: September 2010

Far too often are students forced to lug around backpacks filled to the brim with folders and binders tucked with essential class papers.
Then, on top of all that, they’re forced to bring textbooks to school as well.
With so many things to carry, and so much of it necessary, it’s pretty hard to find something to lessen the load.
However, the iPad will do exactly that.
Most criticism leveled at the iPad is of its lack of casual capabilities and price.
The iPad is not going to replace the laptop in terms of overall capability, but when used for more studious purposes, it can really shine.
First, a bit of number crunching has to be done. The iPad clocks in at about one and a half pounds, as opposed to the average laptop which weighs around six pounds.
The iPad has more than enough memory to download any and all textbooks that are available online, shaving approximately four to five pounds off of the weight of a typicalstudent’s backpack.
It is fully capable of replacing laptops as well, which may take another four and a half pounds off that load.
Consolidating textbooks isn’t the only thing the iPad is good for.
Notes can easily be taken using the Pages app, which functions just like any other word processor, complete with touch-screen keyboard.
Some classes, however, need more elaborate and detailed notes, which the iPad can also provide.
The Writepad app, along with many others following similar details, allows for the user to create detailed note with the use of a finger or stylus.
More often than not, the application will adjust to the user’s writing style, allowing for a much easier time reviewing any notes before a quiz or test.
Writing is not the only operation it is capable of.
In its ever widening range of capabilities, the iPad contains the Numbers app lication for spreadsheets, along with various small applications for informational databases like Dictionary.com or Wikipedia.com.
The iPad, more often than not, is perfectly capable of replacing a bulky and often comparatively slow laptop in day to day operations within class.
While educational purposes are very useful, the iPad also has many networking capabilities and games.
If there is some free time or a need to blow off some steam, iPad owners can play games and draw pictures on the iPad.
The price has already been lowered quite a bit, with the leading price at $829 for 64GB of memory, Wi-Fi, and 3G, making it only slightly more expensive than a medium grade laptop.
Not everyone is fitted to own multiple expensive computing systems at the same time, but if there’s any spare change lying around, the iPad can greatly increase the convenience of a normal school day.
The iPad is really more for convenience than anything else, but with so many things needed to be organized and put together, a little convenience can go a long way.

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