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Interior design makes a comeback; allows self expression

By Madeline Frieze
Published: September 2010

It is easy to tell who a person is just by looking at his or her room.  A bedroom is a sort of blank canvas, on which one can paint his/her deepest thoughts. Many students at South have personalized their rooms and, in doing so, expressed themselves on their walls.
Senior Dario Foroutan displays his love for sports in his room. He displays two hockey sticks, one of which he received a year ago by Milan Lucic at a Carolina Hurricanes game.  The other hockey stick, which he uses on a regular basis, is a Bauer X:60 with a Getzlaf curve.
His Warrior brand hockey gloves sit on top of his dresser, a secure location to house his gear. In addition, as a devoted fan, Foroutan has accrued an impressive collection of ticket stubs from watching the Bruins, Red Sox, Patriots, Celtics, and Revolution, as well as from attending games at Boston College and the University of Massachusetts.
Moreover, Foroutan has adorned his walls with a few pictures and posters, some of which are signed by athletes, including hockey player Cam Neely, and basketball players, Julius Erving and Robert Parish. Foroutan also hangs a jersey signed by every member of Texas A&M football team, whom he met at his first away college football game.
A section of one of his walls is dedicated to the game schedules of the Patriots, Celtics, Red Sox, and Bruins. Foroutan rotates the schedules seasonally, in accordance to the sport.
“My room means a lot to me, Foroutan said. “It’s somewhere that gives me a chance to express, in various ways, my interest in athletics, which is much more than just a hobby to me.
Sophomore Kayla Burton has a room that also displays what she believes is important. Last year, when Burton moved to Newton, her friends threw her a surprise party.  Each friend wrote her a letter, recalling the good times that they had with her and the great memories that they shared.
Burton posted the meaningful letters on her wall to remind her of all the fun she had with her friends.
“Memories are very important to me and putting these letters on my wall shows that there will always be a place for those people in my heart, Burton said.
Fascinated by the 60′s and 70′s, senior Elena Origlio customized her room with a vintage theme.  She was also drawn to the idea of designing a room in which she and her friends could relax. “I love the idea of having a room that was based on a chill time period. Not only is it a cool idea, but it’s convenient and inexpensive, Origlio said. Her mother’s old record player and collection of albums sit in Origlio’s room, along with old guitars and toys from the 70′s. The walls are decorated with old comic books as well as album covers. A beanbag chair, a couch and a lava lamp amplifies the “chill atmosphere Origlio aims to create.
Senior Harry Neff was initially unsure about how he should design his room, he wanted a unique room that reflected his personality.
In the end, Neff covered his room with wallpaper of a striking woman in a couple different poses in a repeating sequence.
“[The wallpaper] makes me feel like I was in a Stanley Kubrick film, Neff said.
“Something about that lady (I have named her Briditte) is elegant, but also very dark. We’ve been rooming together so long that we barely even notice each other anymore. Neff has makes up hundreds of stories about her.
Senior Jenny Epstein believes that her pink psychedelic room is a reflection of herself. Epstein feels that her room is the only place that she can call her own.
Consequently, she turned it into the perfect, cozy place that resembles her personality. The stairs that lead into her room separate her room from the rest of the house.
Epstein prides herself on being creative.  “My parents have never really allowed me to spend a lot of money buying nice things for my room unless it’s my own money, Epstein said, “so I have to be creative with how I arrange everything.
Rooms act as a haven for people because it is where people tend to feel most comfortable. The time, effort, and thought that students put into designing their sanctuaries is sure to pay off in the fulfillment they get from creating a truly unique space.

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