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Group of upperclassmen friends are loco for fro-yo at Chill

Posted By Sammie Levin On September 30, 2010 @ 2:00 am In Features | Comments Disabled

Frozen yogurt joints are popping up rapidly all over the country in reaction to the ever-growing demand for the cool treat. This summer, a group of South upperclassmen got their fro-fix at Chill, a new asset to Cleveland Circle that the owners describe as a “tart yogurt ice cream shop.
Chill serves several flavors of frozen yogurt, regular ice cream, smoothies, and drinks-all at reasonable prices. Like many other frozen yogurt shops such as Pinkberry, Red Mango, and Berry Freeze, Chill offers countless toppings, ranging from fresh fruit to cereal to candy.
Besides the plentiful toppings, what is it about Chill that drew so many South students from regular ice cream establishments and motivated them to make the journey to Brighton territory?
“The flavors,senior Sam Dorfman said. He raved, “They have so many flavors of frozen yogurt and you feel healthier eating it. Their slogan is ‘ËœChill out, it’s good for you.’ That’s genius.
Dorfman was a regular customer at Chill this summer, venturing there many nights, sometimes even four times a week. He took full advantage of the Chill card, a free card that is stamped with each purchase as an incentive to keep coming back in order to get ten stamps for a free ice cream.
“I have ten stamps right now so the next time I go in I’m getting my free one, Dorfman said, proudly.
Senior Rebecca Shait frequented Chill this summer as well, but she went to enjoy the social experience as opposed to the yogurt itself.
“I personally do not like the taste of the yogurt. It’s too tart, Shait said. Though she is not a fan of the yogurt, she felt it was worthwhile to go to Chill because “it is a great place to go with friends because the people that work there are nice and it is in a cool area.
She explains that she typically ordered ice cream floats there while her friends all usually got the yogurt.
Senior Alex Bennett is perhaps Chill’s most devoted customer. He claims that he went there almost every night over the summer, and continues to go on weekends.
“I started going because I heard about it from a friend and I was tired of going to J.P Licks all the time, Bennett said. Soon after his first visit, he was hooked.
“I like how the yogurt has its own unique flavor and how you can be creative by twisting flavors and mixing up the topping combinations each time you go, Bennett said.
He added that it is “worth going the distance because it is a place to go and hang out due to its popular location in Cleveland Circle. The only negative aspect to Chill he mentioned was its limited parking.
Though some of Bennett’s friends often accompany him to Chill, they are not as fond of the place as he is.
“I went with a massive amount of hype but was disappointed because it ís just like Pinkberry, senior Harrison Douglass said. “But at least I saved calories.
Senior Curtis Robbins agreed with Douglass, adding that “it is alright but  overrated by Alex Bennett.
Junior Isabelle Granahan-Field and her friends enjoyed going to Chill this summer as well, often going with valued customers Dorfman and Bennett.
“The product and the atmosphere make it a lot more appealing than other places. I also like that it used to be pretty unknown and a place where you wouldn’t necessarily see people you know, Granahan-Field said.
She expressed that she thinks that frozen yogurt is becoming increasingly popular because “it is a lot healthier than ice cream and makes you feel better about eating it.
Aside from the appealing environment and healthfulness, Granahan-Field and her friends liked going there to “hang out and visit our friend who works there. Although Granahan-Field typically goes to Chill once a week, she resents that it is “not exactly convenient to get to and is kind of pricy.
Junior Jessie Zelle is the friend of Granahan-Field that works at Chill. Zelle first heard about Chill from a close friend, and loved it from the first time she went.
“I wanted a job at the end of last year for the summer because I knew I would not much else to do so I applied for a job at Chill, Zelle said.
“Since I’m such a big fan of the place as it is, I don’t mind being there working, Zelle said. She added that her job is especially enjoyable when people that she knows come in. The staff makes her job “all the more fun.
“All the workers at chill are.. for lack for a better word, really chill, Zelle said.
She explains that the down side to working at Chill is the schedule.
“Our hours are noon until 11 everyday, but once we close at 11 it generally takes 1.5-2 hours to really close. It’s also extremely time consuming…and when I have bad shifts I have to just deal with it.
Chill is not only popular among this particular group of friends. Since Cleveland Circle is a common place for college students to go at night, Chill has become a favorite destination for students at schools such as Boston College.
Freshman at Boston College and former South student Merry Berman noted that, “people go to Chill a lot because it is a convenient location.
So, if you are looking for a place to get frozen yogurt or ice cream, follow in the footsteps of Dorfman, Bennett, and friends and Chill out.

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