Drastic new hairstyles turn students into hairless heroes

By Courtney Foster
Published: September 2010

Imagine being able to turn heads just by walking down the hallway between classes.
Come the first day of school, several students have done just that. Their secret? Showing off a new, drastic haircut, and in some cases, even a shaved head.
Several South students have had positive personal responses to their recently acquired lack of hair.
“Having short hair has kind of made me feel more edgy and encouraged me to try out new looks, junior Mickie Gusman said.
“I shaved my head partly because it was hot out. The feeling right after was so nice¦it was really soft and smooth, senior Satchel Forrester said.
Others, such as senior Zach Levine-Caleb, claim that their new cut has complimented their persona.
“I woke up one morning and my hair was gone. With my short hair, I am more aerodynamic and ‘Ëœaquadynamic’¦I’m more dynamic in general, Levine-Caleb said.
However, with the satisfaction that comes from getting a drastic haircut, there are subsequent regrets as well.
Gusman explains that her short hair “has also been pretty restricting. I wish I could do some more fun things with it, like braid it or something, but there isn’t much you can do with a length of just a few inches.
Senior Connie Gong took getting a drastic haircut to a new level this summer when she spontaneously decided to shave her head.
“I just felt like I was in the mood for drastic change¦I don’t think I was all that nervous before, probably because I didn’t think it through hard enough, Gong said.
“After, I was alternating between feeling extremely liberated and extremely terrified because I suddenly realized how conspicuous it was and I don’t really like to be the center of attention.
Unlike their own reactions to their haircuts, other people’s reactions to these students’ new  dos have been rather mixed
Although Gong was initially nervous to see how people would react, she says that she has not personally gotten any negative feedback.
“The number one reaction I’ve gotten is people coming up to me and asking why I did it, which I don’t have a great answer to, Gong said.
“I think a lot of people are incredulous when I tell them I just felt like it.  A lot of people wanted to touch my head¦now that it’s growing out its really soft and fluffy.
“At first, when my hair was really short, my friends were kind of unsure of how to react, Gusman said.
“They kind of just stared at me until they recognized who I was at first, then made some joke or asked some questions. When it grew in some more, people generally reacted in a more positive way which I really appreciated.
Levine-Caleb reports that he has received some outright negative reactions to his haircut, but he doesn’t let these comments get to his head, so to speak.
“At first people didn’t even acknowledge my new haircut because I was so aerodynamic that they couldn’t even see me when I went by them. Now people generally say it looks horrible, but I don’t care, Levine-Caleb said.
The most surprising part about these hairless heroes is that some say their haircuts really don’t mean anything about who they are as people.
In fact, Gong says that her haircut actually reflects the opposite of her true personality.
“I’m really not rebellious or bold or any of the other things people usually associated with having a shaved head. I’d sort of rather people not pay attention at all, but I probably should have thought of that before I did this, Gong said.
In contrast, others say that their haircuts are extremely representative of who they are.“The haircut is basically a statement that I don’t care, Levine-Caleb said.
Others, such as freshman Sara Wang, have shaved their heads for charity.
Wang shaved her head last spring for Brown Baldies, an event in which Brown Middle School students pay one dollar to watch their teachers and fellow classmates get their heads shaved.
The proceeds are donated to help people with cancer.
This really shows how much a person is willing to give back to help other people– even if it means going bald– and is representative of each Baldie’s character.
Will other people follow the trend and get dramatic haircuts as well?
Will we be seeing more bald people in the halls?
Only time will tell.

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