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Bipartisanship occurs as a result of priest’s radical move

Posted By Hattie Gawande On September 30, 2010 @ 6:02 am In Editorials and Opinions | Comments Disabled

The media and internet have been hijacked by people with no desire to learn the truth.
Lies are presented as facts and the facts are forgotten.
Pandemonium is created over non-issues.
This is life today. A gross exaggeration?
Think back to the 2008 presidential election. Bloggers had been circulating the claim that Obama is a Muslim.
It was a lie so obvious that it was thought that all the controversy would die down after a while and people would eventually realize the allegations were false.
But as of last month, 20% of all Americans believed the claims.
More recently, an Islamic community center that was to be built two blocks from Ground Zero received “unanimous approval from the Landmarks Preservation Commission in New York.
Then the media and the bloggers got ahold of the story, blew it completely out of proportion, and suddenly the center was embroiled in controversy.
These cases prove how much our lives are ruled by what we read online and in the news.
Unfortunately, the internet is full of radicals on both ends of the political spectrum that spew whatever fabrications help their case.
We believe them because it’s easier to be angry than to give the benefit of the doubt.
And now the internet and media have done it again. It all started on July 12, when Terry Jones, the pastor of a tiny Christian fundamentalist church in Florida, announced his plans for an “International Burn the Koran Day on the anniversary of 9/11.
Thirteen days later Jones posts an anti-Islam video on YouTube, which catapulted Jones to fame.
Suddenly everyone was blogging, tweeting, IMing, and Google Talk-ing about Jones.
Extremist Islamic leaders seized the story and ran with it. Anti-American demonstrations popped up across Afghanistan and Pakistan.
The media smelled a story, splashed it across their headlines, and the world was aflame.
Everyone from here to the Vatican had something to say about Jones, Islam, and the First Amendment.
President Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton went on national television to do damage control.
Defense Secretary Robert Gates made a personal phone call to Jones pleading for him to call off his event and even General David Petraeus in Afghanistan had something to say.
This all occurred because of an ignorant idiot with fewer than sixty followers. leaving the millions of level-headed people in the middle wondering “what happened?!
We give radicals power through the media and the internet.
They steal the international spotlight while also preventing progress in Washington DC.
Now, because of Jones, the Pentagon has to minimize the damage done to relations with Afghanistan.
And there isn’t even a clear way to resolve our problem, as we can’t restrict neither the internet nor the media as it would be a violation of the First Amendment, not to mention that it would make a whole lot of people unhappy.
There is, however, one difference between this recent controversy and prior cases that hints at hope for the future.
In previous instances, liberals and conservatives have used controversy to their advantage; for example, back in 2008 conservatives did their best to further amplify the allegations that Obama is Muslim in the hopes that he would not get elected.
This time, however, both Democrats and Republicans have taken a step back and agreed with another that Jones has gone too far.
Politicians from both sides have criticized Jones and all agree that Jones has endangered soldiers in the Middle East.
This surprise alliance has left many wondering: is this the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel? Or is it part of a never-ending cycle?

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