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Art Focus: Madeline Schulman

By Michelle Mandeau
Published: September 2010

Between starring in South Stage productions and spending summers studying theater abroad, senior Madeline Schulman is developing skills that could lead to fame and success in the future.
When she was nine years old, Schulman’s parents recognized her talent after she sang a one-line solo in a production at her summer camp. Consequently, they encouraged her to continue her pursuit of acting.
The next summer, Schulman landed the role of Belle in Beauty in the Beast.
Once Schulman entered high school, she discovered new theater opportunities both at South and elsewhere.
She has been cast in the South Stage productions of Electra, The Miracle Worker, Guys and Dolls, Macbeth, Burial at Thebes, Sweet Charity, Cowtown, and Lebensraum.
In 2009, Schulman spent her summer at Boston University at a summer intensive program for theater.
“I was able to focus this insane desire to learn into a very concentrated theater environment…It was absolutely perfect for me to be able to eat and breathe theater without having to worry about anything else, Schulman said.
Schulman went on to participate in the English Speaking Union’s Boston Shakespeare Competition where she was awarded runner-up in the state.
Afterwards, Schulman became more fascinated with Shakespeare and other classic texts.
As a result, she applied for a position at the world-renowned British American Drama Academy at Oxford University.
She was accepted into the Academy and experienced another life changing summer.
Though Schulman has acted in numerous productions, she doesn’t have one particular favorite production.
“For me, the thrill of being onstage generally doesn’t change depending on the part or production, Schulman said.
However, one particular character she played that stands out her in mind and she is confident she will never forget was Helen Keller in South Stage’s The Miracle Worker.
Playing Keller helped Schulman grow both as an actress as well as a person.
“The process of becoming this lost, animalistic little girl erased so many of my inhibitions, Schulman said. “I think it made me a more versatile, responsive actor.
Currently, Schulman is rehearsing for the fall South Stage play, Lebensraum, while also auditioning for a few other shows in Boston.
Schulman plans on majoring in theater in college. She acknowledges the fact that a strong academic background will give her more credability as an actress.
In the future, Schulman’s main goal is simply just to act because it’s her passion.
“I have been inspired by my teachers and would also love to teach theatre someday, but I will still always be acting. No matter at what level, as long as I can do theater I think I twill be happy, Schulman said.

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