Warren in review: six months

By Rutul Patel
Published: June 2010

Setti Warren, born and raised in Newton, was elected into the office of Mayor of Newton with a majority vote of 11,233 to 10,772 last November. Now, six months after his inauguration, Warren’s term as mayor has proved to be both fast-paced and eventful in terms of his accomplishments and the obstacles he has faced.

Warren’s inspiration to run for mayor largely stemmed from his close connection with Newton. He attended Bigelow Middle School and later attended North, where he served as class president and participated in many school- and community-related projects, for which he received great recognition.

After his success at North, Warren went on to Boston College, where he served as the student body president for four years. After graduating in 1993, he began an extensive career in politics and public service.

“I’ve always felt strongly about public service, and I want to make sure Newton lives up to its full potential, Warren said. “I love the city, and I think we can be a real leader in government around the state and country.

Despite his considerable experience as a politician, Warren had his work cut out for him by taking the position of mayor in the midst of a financial crisis. He did, however, remain optimistic and confident as he entered office.

“Like the rest of the nation¦we are facing tough challenges, Warren said in his Vision for Newton address. “If we are to turn things around, preserve what we have built, and indeed make Newton the model of excellence we know it can be, we must bring everyone together with a level of openness, honesty and accountability we have lacked.

One of Warren’s hurdles during his first few months of office was drafting the new budget, which set forth the amount of money the city of Newton is projected and allowed to spend during the fiscal year. Warren brought the budget to a grand total of $339,862,314, a mere two percent increase from the previous budget and one of the smallest increases in recent years.

Over the last few months, there have also been a few natural and technical adversities that Newton has had to face, one of which was the heavy rainfall in April and the contamination and burst of the pipeline in May. Warren, however, handled both successfully as he apportioned money to bail out flooded basements and repair water-damaged roads, and led the police and TV departments in, sending out the warnings during the water contamination crisis.

Senior Ben Chesler thinks that Warren has, so far, done a good job as mayor. “One of the best things about him is that he knows how to engage everyone in the city government process, he said. “He has¦ [made] the city government process more transparent and the city in general more open and relatable.

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