South Stage show called off for first time in years

By Denebola
Published: June 2010

Last Saturday, South Stage’s rendition of the play Proof was unexpectedly cancelled shortly before what was to be the play’s third and final performance. Unfortunately, it turns out, one of the play’s four performers suddenly fell ill and the director felt the show could not go on.

As a result, the cast selected this past Wednesday to be the date of the of the play’s rescheduled final performance.

This event exemplifies a professional way of dealing with an unfortunate situation. The cast of Proof was able to effectively reschedule the show, thus not furthering the disappointment of its audience members.

The director and cast of Proof can be commended for successfully overcoming a simply unlucky incident.

The performance went well and the performer who was feeling ill on Saturday has fully recovered and is feeling well again.

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