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Political Awareness week enlightens students about issues: Creem vs. Rudnick Senatorial Debate

Posted By Alex Gershanov On June 10, 2010 @ 8:04 am In News | Comments Disabled

The two current state senate candidates, Charles Rudnick and Cynthia Creem, met at South on May 19 to debate current political issues. The candidates were invited to speak as part of South’s Political Awareness Week held May 19 to 21.

Both Creem and Rudnick consider themselves progressive democrats, focusing on issues such as protecting civil liberties and protecting gay marriage rights. Creem described herself as a candidate that “looks forward, makes change, and champions that change.

Key concerns that Rudnick wishes to address if elected to senate are promoting transgender equality, eliminating wasteful state spending, and making the Massachusetts Department of Probation (MDP) more transparent. Rudnick feels that the MDP is inefficient and does not allow enough exposure and public scrutiny.

When asked about the issue of legalizing gambling within Massachusetts as a source of state revenue, both candidates agreed that gambling is a short-term solution with a negative long-term impact. Rudnick believes that casinos tend to attract people who are financially unstable, thereby “negatively affecting those who are least able to gamble.

In response to the recent John Odgren trial in Lincoln-Sudbury, where a 19-year old with Asperger’s syndrome was sentenced to life for stabbing a classmate to death, Creem said “our judiciary system doesn’t look closely at the people who commit crimes. She believes that more concern needs to be placed on cases involving mental health issues.

Rudnick, in addition, believes that there needs to be more focus placed on the independence of the courts. “The legislature consistently infringes on the judiciary, he said.

Both candidates agreed, furthermore, that certain legisulatre reform needs to be made.

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