Retirement: Judith Taub

By Ashan Singh
Published: June 2010

After 10 years of teaching at South, Family and Consumer Sciences teacher Judith Taub has decided to draw her career here to a close at the end of the 2009-2010 school year.

Born and raised in Waycross, Georgia, a small town by the Okefenokee Swamp, Taub knew since she was a little girl that she wanted to be a teacher.

“When I was younger I always loved to play school, and I always wanted to be the teacher; so it seemed to only make sense that I pursued something in education, she said.

Following graduate school at Boston College in 1970, Taub began her teaching career teaching seventh and eighth grade math and science. Following her initial teaching experience, Taub spent several years going back and forth between Philadelphia and Boston teaching fifth grade until she had kids.

After, Taub took a break from teaching, in an effort to raise her children. It was then that she learned how to sew, finding a new love for family and consumer sciences.

“I took a course in learning how to sew and I then realized that I wanted to be teaching home economics, she said.
Soon after, Taub went to the School of Fashion Design in Boston and also attended Framingham State College to obtain a degree in Family and Consumer Sciences.

When her youngest child started college, Taub resumed her teaching career in Lowell, this time in Family and Consumer Sciences. The following year, in 2000, when the opening was announced at Newton South, Taub was quick to jump on it. “The commute in Lowell was just too long, it’s much better at South, she said.

At South, students have naturally flocked to Taub’s class for it’s enjoyable, hands on atmosphere.

“She allows students to learn hands on. Naturally, this provides a more thoroughly enjoyable learning experience, junior Sam Zoloth said.

What intrigued many students was Taub’s evident love for what she taught.

“She’s a great teacher, and I can tell she’s passionate about her job and about food. It really makes the class that much more interesting, junior Grant Henderson said.

“I love just about everything at Newton South, Taub said, “the students have a genuine interest to learn, and are a really impressive student body. I’m very proud to be apart of this learning community.

Taub’s decision to draw the line in her career at Newton South is a result of her wanting to quit while she still loves what she’s doing.

“I do love my job and I want to stop while I still love my job, before I start feeling burnt out, she said.

The feeling of respect that Taub has for the school will undoubtedly be reciprocated. “She was very committed to what she taught and that passion was contagious and caught on in all her classes, said junior Rachel Davidson, “she will really be missed throughout the school.

Following her retirement, Taub has big plans to continue what she enjoys.

“I’d like to work on my sewing skills and do some volunteer work with it, she said, “hopefully something involving teaching sewing to inner-city students.

With the year almost over, Taub sees a bright future for Newton South and what it has to offer. “I have great admiration for Joel Stembridge and I feel like he’s really moving the school in the right direction. I feel very blessed to have the opportunity to teach in such a wonderful school with such amazing colleagues, she said.

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