Girls’ Basketball holds best shot at success

By Maarten Van-Genabeek
Published: June 2010

The Girls’ Basketball team looks to improve on their success and go deeper in the tournament than they have in previous years.

This year the team went 15-5 in the regular season and lost in the second round of the state tournament to a strong Wellesley team.

The loss was disappointing due to amount of talent of the team and the work they had put in to it.

“We had worked really hard and although we made the tournament we were disappointed by the final result, we could have easily won that game, junior and point guard Chloe Rothman said. 

However the team only graduated two seniors so unlike other teams in the state they will have only two players to replace on the varsity team.

This will allow the team do carry their team chemistry on from next year making them a fierce opponent.

“We are only loosing two players so we will still have great team chemistry on and off the court, junior and shooting guard Sophie Bikofsky said.

Losing two players also means that the team is mostly juniors so they have a lot of time to improve compared to other teams who could have graduated more than half their team.

Next year will be their last year to have a chance to win anything so they will be even more motivated to work hard and go farther next year.

“Considering that we have six seniors on the team next year, we will have a lot of motivation to win. We realize that this is it, this is our last season, so I know we will give it our all everyday, Bikofsky said. 

The girls have been working hard playing together during the offseason to help prepare for the next season by playing regularly.

The girls are very optimistic that they will go very far based on how they will learn from their mistakes from last year and use that experience to push farther in the tournament. This should prepare them enough to hopefully win the state tournament next year.

“I think our team is going to succeed tremendously this year, Bikofsky said. “Having another year of experience under our belt should help us a lot in the post-season.

Most of the girls also play club basketball for the AAU (Amateur Athletics Union) team the Bay State Jaguars together so they can learn each other’s playing styles and build up team chemistry.

They also participate in numerous clinics together to solidify the team. “This group of girls have been playing together for so long and you’ll be able to really see it next year, Rothman said. 

They plan on using lessons learned from their loss in the tournament to help them succeed farther in the tournament next year.

They plan to improve their game so they can go far next year.

“We were really upset about our loss this year and we know we might never experience something like next year’s opportunity again in our lives so taking next year seriously is an understatement, Rothman said. 

The team is optimistic and excited for next season so they can prove they are a serious contender in the state.

The whole team has been working hard even now so they can produce even better results than this year’s playoff run.

“I am so excited for next season and know we will do great! Bikofsky said. 

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