Faculty Focus: Bette Lupo

By Wendy Ma
Published: June 2010

Bette Lupo, the executive secretary of Newton South High School, has worked in the Newton Public School system for 23 years. From Charles E. Brown Middle School, to Oak Hill Middle School, and all the way up to Newton South High School, she has spent countless hours working with kids.

Lupo grew up in Newton and has spent her whole life here.

Although Lupo originally graduated from Newton North High School, she loves Newton South equally as much and thinks it is “a great school. As a student at North, she played softball and enjoyed hanging out with friends.

Lupo has grown very attached to the public school system in Newton. She feels that she can connect to the students on a more personal level because of her own experiences as a student in the same system.

She is able to use her knowledge and experiences of the Newton schools as a way to understand the students that she interacts with on a daily basis. “I really enjoy being with the kids. I have a real attachment to them, Lupo said.

When Lupo first began working, she worked in the Human Resources department for the Newton Public Schools.

She got married and had kids, and once her children graduated high school and were headed to college, she decided that she wanted a full time job.

Since she really loved living and working in Newton, she sought a job at Charles E. Brown Middle School, and was employed there starting in 1987.

Since then she has worked in the main office of many schools. Now, after twenty-three years, she is the executive secretary of Newton South High School and loves her job.

Her favorite part of being involved in the Newton school system for so many years has been “watching the middle school kids from Brown and Oak Hill mature and graduate.

Lupo explains how many of the graduates that she has known since 6th grade have made a point to visit her and update her with news.

In addition to her passion for working with kids, Lupo also has many hobbies and interests. For example, in her free time she likes to pick up a book and simply read. “I read a lot and I absolutely enjoy it, Lupo said.

A newfound interest of Lupo is computer games. Several students began giving her recommendations on a few fun games. Now, whenever she has spare time during her busy life, she grabs her computer and plays. “I try to keep th computer at a distance, or else I could play it 24/7, Lupo said.

Though she loves these various activities, Lupo insists that her favorite thing to do is to be with kids, expressing the fun she has chaperoning events or just spending time with students throughout the day.

Lupo misses having more interactions with students at South.

Before Students went to their individual house office for things such as dismissals and late arrivals they would go to the main office. During that time she got to see many more students than she sees now.

So, if you find extra time in the day, pop into the main office to say hello to her.

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