Who’s your daddy? Matty.

By Ariel Rivkin
Published: May 2010

It’s time for South freshman Olivia Siegel to leave her friend’s house when her dad, dressed in a bright blue shirt, khaki shorts, clean white Puma sneakers, cool sunglasses and a round black helmet, pulls into the driveway on his motorcycle. Siegel says goodbye to her friends and hops up behind her dad.

As her father instructs her on how to put on the helmet, a bystander recognizes the man’s voice, and for a very explainable reason.

Siegel’s dad is one of the most famous radio talk show hosts in New England: Matty in The Morning of Kiss 108.

Matty in the Morning has been the talk show host of Boston’s leading and highest rated FM morning show for more than 20 years. Matt Siegel has been the host of KISS 108′s morning show since 1981 and is consistently voted one of the nation’s top DJ’s by Billboard Magazine. More than 450,000 people from all over New England listen to Matty’s show at least once every week.

South freshman Olivia Siegel and senior Lilly Siegel, two of Siegel’s daughters, are avid listeners, as their dad’s job plays a large role in their morning routines.

“I do listen to him on the radio. Most mornings I do¦sometimes he really makes me laugh. Other times, I just want to say, ‘ËœDAD!’ Like when he says inappropriate things I just have to turn it off, Olivia said.

Lilly also listens to her father every morning before school. However, Lilly has a more nonchalant view of her father speaking publicly than her younger sister.

“It’s just something I have gotten used to, she said.

Many teenagers would feel uncomfortable being mentioned on live air. However, the Siegel sisters have learned to cope, for the most part.

“Usually it’s fine when he talks about the family but sometimes it’s just embarrassing, Olivia said. “He will sometimes say things that everyone just doesn’t need to know.

Lilly feels differently about being mentioned on air.

“There’s nothing much I can do about him mentioning us on the radio¦it is something that I have gotten used to. There is a big line of what is okay to say and what is too personal to say. I don’t think that there have been many instances when he has crossed that line, Lilly said.

As they have grown accustomed to being mentioned on live radio, the girls no longer find having a famous dad to be weird.

“It’s all I’ve ever known. When I was little I thought that everyone’s dad was like that. Now I’m just used to it, Olivia said.

Lilly shares similar feelings as her sister. “He’s been on the radio since before I was born so it’s nothing out of the ordinary for me, Lilly said.

There are, however, some instances when they are reminded of the differences between their dad and other teenagers’ fathers.

“Sometimes it is weird, like when we go out to dinner and some stranger will come up to him and tell him how much they love him, Olivia said.

The girls both feel that despite the occasional awkward situation, having a father who is connected to the music industry can provide perks, such as access to concerts.

“Concerts are always fun, Olivia said. “It’s fun to get together with my sisters. We’re all so excited.

Not only do the girls have access to events, but they also have been able to meet famous celebrities at some of them.

“The most famous person I have met is Lady Gaga. It was really cool to meet a celebrity in person and she’s one of my favorite artists so I was really happy and lucky to have gotten that opportunity, Lilly said.

When asked about some of the negative aspects of having a public figure as a father Lilly can only think of one. “The only downfall is when I am asked for tickets, Lilly said.

Olivia agrees, claming, “people think that just because [Matty in the Morning] is our dad that we can automatically get tickets for everything. It’s really annoying because it almost feels like I can be used. My Dad doesn’t give us tickets to any concert. He only allows us to go to the Kiss.he doesn’t want to spoil us, Olivia said.

Although their father is in the public eye, Olivia and Lilly view their father more privately.

“Just knowing how successful he became is really great. Yes it is cool having a dad that’s ‘Ëœfamous’ but I’m actually really proud of how far he’s come, Lilly said.

“He’s really goofy, Olivia said. “He’s the same person on the air as he is off of it…but to me he’s just my dad.

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