Students make fantasy a reality with Quidditch club

By Rachel Davidson
Published: May 2010

Are you a Hufflepuff? Do you cheer for Ravenclaw? Do you don the colors of Gryffindor and resent Slytherin? Well, now you have the chance to finally show your Hogwarts spirit.

There is not a reader out there that does not know what is being discussed’€Harry Potter. For years, the book’s plot has lurched off the page and into the hearts and souls of children, teens, and adults alike.

Fans have waited in Disney-World length lines at the break of dawn to get their hands on the next book in the series. They have raced through the pages, enthralled by the characters and their lives, absorbing every detail.

Some develop such a profound connection to the story that they feel as though they too attend Hogwarts, ride broomsticks, and cast spells.

The books seem real, right until the last page; that’s when reality sets in.

Juniors Laura Rosenthal and Max Ezekiel have, however, decided to defy this reality.

They have started the Quidditch club, a group of thirty or more South students, who plan to play and compete in the game, which originates in the pages of the beloved Harry Potter novels.

Rosenthal got the idea after spending a weekend at Middlebury in October.

“I thought it was so cool that hundreds of college kids were playing a game from a book, and it looked like it would be so much fun to play, Rosenthal said.
Her sights set on bringing this same excitement back to South, Rosenthal contacted fellow Harry Potter fan Ezekiel right after her return. He shared her enthusiasm.

The club has only recently begun, due to problems finding a supervisor, however, they are wasting no time getting started.

“I divided the people into the 4 Hogwarts houses; Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff and Slytherin based on a personality quiz I made that gave them scenarios. Each team has a captain, too, Ezekiel said.

Though both Ezekiel and Rosenthal have never played Quidditch themselves, they are eager to begin.

“Right now this club is entirely experimental, but it’s a way for us to express our love of the Harry Potter series, while having fun and exercising as well, Ezekiel said.

“I believe that we can have successful tournaments and that a group will have formed that gets along well and will have a good time, Rosenthal said.

The club meets Mondays during J-block, and they plan to have two games of Quidditch going at a time.

There are four main positions, a Keeper, a Chaser, a Beeter, and a Seeker. There are also four balls that are used, two Beaters, a Quaffle and a Snitch.

“The object of the game is to score the most points before one team’s seeker catches the snitch by stealing the flag attached to that person, Rosenthal said.
Due to the equipment, however, the club has had to implement some changes to the game.

Despite the setbacks, both Rosenthal and Ezekiel are looking hopefully toward the future. “This is a game that very few people in high school have played before, because it originated in college.

Rosenthal explains, “this means that right now nobody has a real advantage over anyone else in terms of ability to play well, and we’ll all be learning the game at the same time. Nobody will be coming into a community where positions are already filled and friendships have already been formed.

“I’m hoping it becomes less of an experiment and more of an official, permanent club after this year, Ezekiel said.

Rosenthal shares the same goal, adding, “I think the greatest thing is that there is so much potential for this to become big at South and I hope this club will continue to grow.

So whether you are a Hufflepuff, cheer for Ravenclaw, don the colors of Gryffindor, or resent Slytherin, there is always a place for you at the Quidditch club. “Anyone is welcome, Ezekiel said. No broomstick required.

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