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Students directors make their debut in the One Acts

By Wendy Ma
Published: May 2010

From April 29 to May 1, the One Acts hit South’s stage. These short plays were full of emotion and messages that grabbed the audience’s attention.

Cowtown, written by Allison Moore and directed by senior Taryn Valley, was the opening play.

Two sisters, Trina and Abby, played by junior Madeline Schulman and sophomore Jaclyn Lebovits, have just moved from the city to Cowtown, and they are struggling through the hardships of a new school.

The second play was Why Do We Laugh? written by Stephen Gregg and directed by senior Allie Glickman. This play follows a couple’s lives at different periods from ages five to 67.

It tells a beautiful story about letting people into one’s life and the importance of memories.

The last play, July 7, 1994, was written by Donald Margulies and directed by senior Alexandra Lewis. July 7, 1994 is about a doctor named Kate, played by junior Tanya Lyon.

Her conversations with her patients reveal troubled lives that mirror the nature of society.

Compassion for her patients invades her thoughts when she returns home at the end of the day.

She wants to immerse herself in the peaceful and innocent lives of her two-year old son and her husband Mark, played by junior Jake Light. This play touches upon the serious problems and the hardships.

Amazingly, the One Acts were all student-directed.

Except for Jeff Knoedler and Joe Grassia, the tech director, South students did all the directing and acting; South students worked in the backstage crew as well.

“It’s mostly students. I was directing my friends, Glickman said.

Glickman first got interested in theatre when she was six years old. Wanting to try something new, she began to direct.
“I have always been very inspired by the directors I’ve worked with, or [by] watching other students direct. I wanted to be that inspiration to others, and I wanted to push myself and learn more, and now, I absolutely love it! Glickman said.

Normally, a director is an adult who orders everybody around, but in these student directed plays, that was not the case.

“It’s tricky to direct your friends because on the one hand, you really want to hang out with them and have fun, but on the other hand, you have this authority position and you have to take control, Glickman said.

Students had the responsibility and authority to produce a play, and it turned out to be wonderful.

“It was really good because the directors knew everyone’s group dynamics so it made the group cooperate better, making it a lot more fun! freshman Holly Higgins said.

Higgins played Beth in Cowtown. Even though it was a completely different experience to have a student, classmate, and friend direct the play, the actors did a great job of listening and following the director’s orders.

“They’re an amazing group of people and are so talented, and I didn’t want to disappoint them. I wanted to give everyone their moment to shine and to display who they were, Glickman said.

She wanted to make the characters and their acting stand out, making the play a balance of comedy, some “drama, and as honest of a piece as possible.

Glickman feels like everything she has done with South Stage and theater in general has led up to her directing this show.

“I learned so much and gained an even greater respect for this art form that I love so much, Glickman said.

“We all got closer during the whole process of producing the plays and that’s the great thing about theatre, Higgins said.

These short plays had such rich and diverse plots that at one moment the audience would be laughing, and at the next moment crying.

From the audience to the actors and stage crew, everyone had a great time. The One Acts were an amazing learning experience for all.

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